Unit 6 Future Jobs Writing

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Unit 6 Future Jobs

  • Writing

What job would you like to be in the future?

Ha Long Bay

A. Warm-up: Ask and answer based on an advertisement given


  • Vacancy: a tour guide

  • Qualifications:

  • - at least two-year working experience

  • - a good knowledge about history and geography, willing to work hard for a long time

  • - good manner, good appearance

  • Salary: $ 1000/ month


  • 1. What is it? 2. Are you concerned about it? 3. If yes, what will you do to apply for this position?

B. Pre-writing:

  • Activity 1: Task 1:

  • Read the following advertisement and fill in the notes.(textbook).

  • Type of job:.....

  • Level of education needed: ...

  • Work experience: ......

  • Characters and interests: .......

Activity 2: a. Outline of a formal letter applying for a job.

  • The letter should include the following details:

  • + Your name, address and date of writing

  • + Name and address of the company

  • + Greeting

+ Introduction: say where you saw the ad and why you are writing the letter of application

  • + Introduction: say where you saw the ad and why you are writing the letter of application

  • + Body: mention your education, qualifications and working experience

  • + Conclusion: express your willingness/ interests to work for the company and when you are available for the interview + Closing

b. Some useful expressions:

  • - I am interested in the job of .......

  • - I am writing in reply to

  • - I should like to make an application for the post of ......

  • - I think I meet all the qualifications that you specify...

C. While-writing:

  • Task 2: Write a letter to Vinatour, applying for the job mentioned in the advertisement in Task 1.

Suggested letter: 100 Le Duan Street Danang City

  • Suggested letter: 100 Le Duan Street Danang City

  • 10th August, 2008

  • The Manager, Vinatour450 Nguyen Du Street, Hanoi

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

  • I saw your advertisement in today’s edition of the Vietnam News and I would like to apply for the position of a tour guide. I am very interested in the job and I am confident you can use a person with the following qualifications:- Enjoying going out and meeting new people- Helpful and attentive - Neat appearance and pleasant voice- Speaking English fairly well - Willing to work hard for long hours- Having one year experience as a tour guide.My resume is enclosed summarizing where these skills and abilities were developed. I would be available for interview at any time. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Your faithfully,

  • Le Anh Hong

Home work: Write a formal letter of job application mentioned in the following ad.


  • Vacancy: shop assistant

  • Bookshop duties: to work in a large bookshop, to handle customer inquires and sales

  • Qualifications:

  • - high school graduate

  • - a good knowledge of English

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