Unit a chapter 1 What Is Iman? Critical thinking

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Unit A

Chapter 1

What Is Iman?

Critical thinking (Study Questions)

Q.1 What is the heart of Islam?

A.1 The heart of Islam is Iman.

Q.2 What does Iman mean?

A.2 Iman is having belief in Allah and all He has created seen and unseen.

Q.3 Can we see Iman?

A.3 No really. Only Allah Knows who has true Iman. But There are sings of Iman that can be observed in the action of Muslims.

Q.4 Can you feel Iman in your heart?

A.4 Yes. When we feel the Iman in our hearts, we become motivated to do good deeds. When we find it difficult to do good deeds, then we must check our Iman and ask Allah for help. Q.5 What are Arkaanul-Iman (Pillars of Faith)
A.5 They are:
1) Belief in Allah and to love Him as the Creator and controller of all that exist.

2) Belief in the angels and to love them as a special creation of Allah.

3) Believe in the prophets and to love them as great human teachers and role models sent by Allah.

4) Belief in the holy books and to love them as books sent from Allah through his prophets.

5) Belief in the Day of Judgment and this includes the belief in the:

  • existence of Jannah(Paradise)

  • existence of Jahannam(Hell)

6) Belief in Al-Qadar (Fate) and accepting it in our hearts-All things happen for a reason with the permission of Allah and His complete knowledge of everything that will happen.

Unit A

Chapter 2

I Am a Believer

Critical thinking (Study Questions)

Q.1 What is the first thing Muslims must believe in?

A.1 Muslims must believe first in Allah and all Pillars of Faith.

Q.2 What do angels do?

A.2 Angels always obey Allah’s command; they protect us and write down our deeds.

Q.3 Name some Prophets of Allah?

A.3 Prophet Mohammed(PBUH), Prophet Adam, Prophet Isa, Prophet Nouh, Prophet Dawood, Prophet Ibraheem, Prophet Musa.

Q.4 On what day will Allah makes us alive again after we have died?

A.4 On the Day of Judgment Allah will make us alive again All together. The Day of Judgment will come after every human, plant and animals die. The earth and animals will disappear.

Q.5 What does Al-Qadar means?

A.5 Al-Qadar is Allah’s will. Allah knows everything that is going to happen. Nothing happens without Allah’s permission.

Q.6 Name four books Allah has sent to mankind.

A.6 Qur’an, Tawraah, Zaboor, Injeel.

Unit A

Chapter 3

I Believe In Allah

Critical thinking (Study Questions)

Q.1 What is the first Rukn of Arkan-ul-Iman?

A.1 Belief in Allah.

Q.2 Who is Allah and where is He?

A.2 Allah is the Creator of all in existence. And He is in heaven.

Q.3 What do we call the names of Allah in Arabic? List some of the names of Allah?

A.3 We do call the names of Allah in Arabic “Al-Asmaa’-ul-Husna.”

Some of the names of Allah are: Al-Quddoos, Al-Kabeer, As-Samad, Al-Azeez, Al-Hameed, Al-Majeed.

Q.4 Can we ever see Allah? When and where?

A.4 No, We cannot see Allah in this life. Insha Allah we will see him when we will go to Jannah.

Q.5 Describe why did Allah create us?

A.5 Allah created us and all mankind to worship Him alone.

Unit A

Chapter 4

Allah’s Angels

Critical thinking (Study Questions)

Q.1 What are the Arabic words for one angel and for multiple angels?

A.1 One angel: Malak. More than one angels: Mala’ikah.

Q.2 What are angels made of?

A.2 They are made of light.

Q.3 Why do Muslims believe in Angels?

A.3 Muslim must believe in Angels because it is a pillar of Iman.

Q.4 What are the writing Angels? How many do we have?

A.4 Writing angels are the angels that write down our good deeds and bad deeds. We have two: One on each side of us. They are called by Kiraman-Katibeen.

Q.5 What are guardian angels?

A.5 We have two guardian angels. One in front of us one behind us. They protect us from harm and they take care of us.

Q.6 Who is Jibra’eel?

A.6 He is the leader of the angels. He delivered the God’s messages and books to the prophets and Messengers.

Q.7 Name three angels and explain their jobs?

A.7 Answer will vary. Could be any three angels describe on page A25.

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