Veritas Volume Manager Conversion Tim Clemens Training and Consulting

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Veritas Volume Manager Conversion

  • Tim Clemens

  • Training and Consulting

  • Louisville, KY

  • 1-800-888-9028


  • Veritas Volume Manager - VxVM

  • LVM Cluster Volume Groups - Review

  • Creating VxVM Cluster Disk Groups

  • Package Configuration Changes

  • Converting Volume Groups to Disk Groups

HP-UX 11i Versions

  • HP-UX 11i 1.2 (B.11.11)

    • PA-RISC
    • MC/SG 11.14
  • HP-UX 11i 1.5 (B.11.20)

    • Itanium Only
    • No MC/SG
  • HP-UX 11i 1.6 (B.11.22) (6/10/02)

    • Itanium Only
    • MC/SG

Volume Manager Choices

  • Base Addon


  • 16 Node Cluster Yes Yes Yes 4 Nodes

  • Alternate-Links Standby No Active Active

  • Exclusive Activation Yes Yes Yes Yes

  • Shared Activation Yes No No Yes+

  • Cluster lock disk Yes No No No

  • Multiple Heartbeat Subnets Yes Yes Yes No

  • Striped Mirrors or RAID5 No No Yes Yes

  • Additional Licenses No No Yes Yes

Primary Benefits of VxVM B9116AA - Additional License

  • Dynamic Multipathing (DMP)

    • Active/Active primary and alternate paths (load balancing)
  • Online Reallocation

  • Hot Relocation

  • Fast Mirror Resynchronization (FMR)

  • Online Backup

Drawbacks of VxVM with SG

  • Cannot be used as Cluster Lock

  • Must have a root disk group on every node

    • Can be use for data storage but not as a cluster volume
    • This is NOT the boot volume
  • root disk group must be mirrored

    • Eliminate single point of failure

Veritas Volume Manager: Overview

Comparison of Terms

  • LVM VxVM

  • Physical Volume VM Disk

  • Volume Group Disk Group

  • Logical Volume Volume or Plex

  • A VxVM Subdisk is a contiguous area of a VM Disk. Like an extent but much larger and can be varying sizes.

  • A VxVM Plex is like a Logical Volume. It includes all mirrored/striped areas of various disks.

  • LVM header => Private Region

  • Export => Deport

Install and Initialize VxVM All nodes of the cluster

  • Install VxVM using swinstall

  • Initialize VxVM with vxinstall utility

    • initializes directory structures
    • select disks for the root disk group
    • searches all I/O channels for all devices
    • prompts user after each I/O channel scan
    • detects disks with LVM headers
    • do NOT use the Quick Install...use custom

LVM Cluster Volume Groups - Review

  • Create VG on any node of the cluster

    • mkdir /dev/vg01_A; mknod /dev/vg01_A/group c 64 0x1a0000
    • pvcreate /dev/rdsk/c2t12d0 (repeat for each disk)
    • vgcreate vg01_A /dev/dsk/c2t12d0 /dev/dsk/c1t12d0 ...
  • Create needed Logical Volumes and Filesystems

    • lvcreate -L 1024 -m 1 -n A_lvol1 vg01_A
    • newfs -F vxfs /dev/vg01_A/rA_lvol1
  • Deactivate and set cluster flag (cluster must be running)

    • vgchange -a n vg01_A; vgchange -c y vg01_A
  • Pretend to export VG creating Map file

    • vgexport -v -p -s -m /tmp/ vg01_A

LVM Cluster Volume Groups - Review Continued

  • Import VG onto other nodes that may run the package (package nodes)

    • mkdir /dev/vg01_A; mknod /dev/vg01_A/group c 64 0x1a0000
    • vgimport -v -s -m /tmp/ vg01_A
  • Create needed mount points on package nodes

    • mkdir /mntpnt

Creating VxVM Cluster Disk Groups

  • Initialize Disks

    • vxdisksetup -i c0t9d0 (repeat for each) (/usr/lib/vxvm/bin)
      • Use pvremove to remove the LVM header
      • May need pvcreate -f and then pvremove
  • Create Disk Group

    • vxdg init dg01_A c0t9d0 c1t9d0
    • To view use: vxdg list and/or vxprint -g
  • Create Volumes and Filesystems

    • vxassist -g dg01_A make A_vol01 2048m
    • newfs -F vxfs /dev/vx/rdsk/dg01_A/A_vol01

Veritas Volume Manager Storage Administrator - VMSA

  • Start the VMSA server

    • nohup /opt/HPvmsa/bin/vmsa_server &
  • Stop the VMSA server

    • /opt/HPvmsa/bin/vmsa_server -k
  • To configure auto start of VMSA server at boot-time

    • /opt/HPvmsa/bin/autostart on
  • Java VMSA GUI

    • /opt/HPvmsa/bin/vmsa

Select Uninitialized Disks

Scan for Added Disks

Select: Disks >> Add

Specify Disk Group

Create a Volume File >> New >> Volume

Can Assign Volume to Specific Disks

View Volume Layout Select: Volumes >> Show Layout...

Volume Layout View

Add a Filesystems

Add a Filesystems

Creating VxVM Cluster Disk Groups Continued

  • Deport disk group from originating node

    • vxdg deport dg01_A
  • Enable vxconfigd on all other package nodes

    • vxdctl enable
    • Causes vxconfigd to recognize the new disk groups
  • Import new disks groups on needed nodes and test

    • vxdg import dg01_A
    • mkdir /mntpnt
  • After testing, deport disk groups

    • umount /mntpnt
    • vxdg deport dg01_A

Testing Volumes without the Cluster

  • LVM

    • vgchange -a e (cluster running)
    • vgchange -c n ; vgchange -a y (cluster down)
    • fsck, mount /dev/vg01_A/A_lvol1 /mntpnt
    • umount /mntpnt
    • vgchange -a n
    • vgchange -c y (when cluster is running)
  • VxVM

    • vxdg import dg01_A
    • vxvol -g dg01_A startall
    • fsck, mount /dev/vx/dsk/dg01_A/A_vol01 /mntpnt
    • umount /mntpnt
    • vxdg deport dg01_A

Package Configuration

  • Only change is in the control script

    • No need to re-apply configuration
    • VXVM_DG[x]
      • VXVM_DG[0]=dg01_A
      • VXVM_DG[1]=dg01_B
    • VXVOL
      • VXVOL="vxvol -g \$DiskGroup [-o bg] startall"
    • LV[x], FS[x], FS_MOUNT_OPT[x]

Example Control Script Entries

  • VGCHANGE="vgchange -a e"

  • VXVOL="vxvol -g \$DiskGroup -o bg startall"

  • VG[0]="vg01_A"

  • VG[1]="vg02_A"

  • VXVM_DG[0]=dg01_A

  • VXVM_DG[1]=dg02_A

  • LV[0]=/dev/vg01_A/dbA1; FS[0]=/dbA1; FS_MOUNT_OPT[0]="-o delaylog"

  • LV[1]=/dev/vg01_A/dbA2; FS[1]=/dbA2; FS_MOUNT_OPT[1]="-o delaylog"

  • LV[2]=/dev/vg02_A/dbA3; FS[2]=/dbA3; FS_MOUNT_OPT[2]="-o delaylog"

  • LV[3]=/dev/vg02_A/dbA4; FS[3]=/dbA4; FS_MOUNT_OPT[3]="-o delaylog"

  • LV[4]=/dev/vx/dsk/dg01_A/dbA5

  • FS[4]=/dbA5; FS_MOUNT_OPT[4]="-o delaylog"

  • LV[5]=/dev/vx/dsk/db01_A/dbA6

  • FS[5]=/dbA6; FS_MOUNT_OPT[5]="-o delaylog"

  • LV[6]=/dev/vx/dsk/dg02_A/dbA7

  • FS[6]=/dbA7; FS_MOUNT_OPT[6]="-o delaylog"

  • LV[7]=/dev/vx/dsk/dg02_A/dbA8

  • FS[7]=/dbA8; FS_MOUNT_OPT[7]="-o delaylog"

Limits of vxvmconvert

  • Remove cluster flag from VG

    • insufficient Private Space for conversion error
  • LVM system volume group (vg00) cannot be converted (vxvmconvert detects LIF as created by mkboot)

  • VG containing /usr cannot be converted

  • Dump & primary swap VGs cannot be converted

  • Cluster lock VG cannot be converted

  • Disks with bad blocks relocated in LVM’s header (no bad block relocation feature in VxVM)


  • VxVM private region must fit into existing LVM header regions

  • Mirrored LVM volumes with MWC will be converted to VxVM with Dirty Region Logging. DRL reserves space from the user area.

  • LVM header data is stored in the root filesystem

  • If VG contains swap space, reboot is required to release it


  • Shutdown the cluster package (cmhaltpkg)

  • Remove the cluster flag (vgchange -c n )

  • Activate the VG (vgchange -a y )

  • User data backup

  • vgcfgbackup (vgcfgbackup )

  • vxvmconvert (analysis...option 1)

  • vxvmconvert (convert...option 2)

  • deport disk group (vxdg deport )

  • import / deport on remaining cluster nodes

  • (vxdg import ; vxdg deport )

Process Continued

  • Modify Package Control Script

    • Was: VG[n]=“LVM Volume Group”
      • VG[0]=vgali1
    • Becomes: VXVM_DG[n]=“VxVM Disk Group”
      • VXVM_DG[0]=dgali1
    • Was: LV[n]=“LVM Logical Volume”
      • LV[0]=/dev/vgali1/db1_al
    • Becomes: LV[n]=“VxVM Volume”
      • LV[0]=/dev/dgali1/db1_al
  • Export VG definitions from remaining nodes

      • vgexport

Rollback and Soft Links


  • Can rollback if VxVM names remain unchanged

  • Use name translation stored in /etc/vx/reconfig.d//.trans

Oracle Raw Logical Volumes

  • Can rollback if VxVM names remain unchanged

  • Use name translation stored in /etc/vx/reconfig.d//.trans

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