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**** April 8, 2014 ****6:30pm

6 Park Ave., Arkport, NY

Oath of Office for newly elected Officials – The Village Clerk, Jennifer Bush, administered the oath of office for Charles Flanders, Mayor; Jon Hedges, Trustee and Susan Thompson, Trustee.
Call to Order: The Annual Organizational meeting for the year 2014-2015, for the Village of Arkport, was called to order by Mayor Flanders at 6:30pm.
Roll Call: Mayor Flanders Trustee Brewer Trustee Geist Trustee Hedges Trustee Thompson

Absent Call: None
Others Present: Diane Jewell, Treasurer; Jennifer Bush, Clerk; Robert Mauro, DPW; Sue White; Ken Thompson; Heidi Beecher.
Purpose of this Meeting- To establish the criterion for the official year 2014-2015
The following proposals and information are presented by Mayor Charles Flanders for the approval by the Village Board of Trustees:

Deputy Mayor Jon Hedges

Clerk Jennifer D. Bush

Treasurer Diane Jewell

Village Tax Collector Jennifer D. Bush

Village Water Rent Collector Jennifer D. Bush

Village Attorney Mr. John Vogel (from Dansville)

Village Health Officer Dr. Bruce MacKellar

Code Enforcement Officer William Rusby

Dog Control Humane Society Animal Shelter

Director Public Works Robert Mauro

Maintenance Worker Bradley Pucula

Water Commissioner Robert Mauro

Water Commissioner Assistant Gregory Lundergan

Cemetery Sexton Thomas Hunt

Cemetery Clerk Jennifer Bush

Crossing Guard David Brewster

Crossing Guard Joanne Bisson

Registrar of Vital Statistic and Records Access Officer Jennifer Bush

Registrar of Vital Statistic Deputy Diane Jewell

Book Center Clerk Cathy Smith

Book Center Advisory Board Clarissa Smith, President

Linda Parente, V. President

Carol Burns, Secretary

Brenda Drake, Treasurer

Book Center Advisory Board Continued

Susie Thompson, Village Trustee

Cathy Smith

Linda Holbrook

Michele O’Dea

Joanne Bisson

Official Village Newspaper The Evening Tribune Hornell
Resolution#13-20 The Board of Trustees authorizes the Treasurer to make such necessary payments as designated.

M113 Motion made by Trustee Geist, seconded by Trustee Brewer, to accept Resolution#13-20 as read. Roll call. All ayes. Motion carried.
Resolution#13-21 Designation of Depositories.


Steuben Trust Company Local General Fund

Chase Bank, N.A. Depository for General Fund Accounts/Water Accounts

Five Star Bank Village Depository for collected Water Accounts

M114 Motion made by Trustee Brewer, seconded by Trustee Thompson, to approve Resolution#13-21 as read. Roll call. All ayes. Motion carried.
Official Signatures

Treasurer Diane Jewell

Trustee Jon Hedges

Trustee Michael Brewer

The required fidelity bond for village officials that have custody or control of village money has been established with Utica National Insurance Group through Robert B. Crowell Agency Inc. for the period 4-1-14 to 4-1-17.
Resolution#13-22 Attendance of schools, conferences and seminars by the mayor, trustees, clerk, treasurer, DPW supervisor, Book Center clerk and members of the Zoning and Planning Boards.

M115 Motion made by Trustee Geist, seconded by Trustee Brewer, to approve Resolution#13-22 as read. Roll call. All ayes. Motion carried.
Resolution#13-23 Establishment of Mileage Reimbursement Rate at 56 cents per mile.

M116 Motion made by Trustee Brewer, seconded by Trustee Geist, to approve Resolution#13-23 as read. Roll call. All ayes. Motion carried.
Resolution#13-24 Adoption of the official meeting dates, time and day for the year 2014-2015.

M117 Motion made by Trustee Hedges, seconded by Trustee Thompson, to approve Resolution#13-24 as read. Roll call. All ayes. Motion carried.

Arkport Planning Board Members (Volunteers): George Prete (Chairperson) (2017)

Charles Bill (2016)

Daniel Thompson II (2015)

Dwight Smith (2019)

Walter Canfield (2018)

Arkport Zoning Board Members (Volunteers): Barbara Maker (Chairperson) (2018)

Thomas Hunt (2017)

Kenneth Thompson (2016)

Ronald Conroy (2015)

Ronald Kennell (2019)
Election Inspectors: Patricia White

Deborah Cleveland

Kathleen Bill

Charles Bill

Election Inspector Alternates: George Prete

Carolyn Elder


Book Center Susan Thompson

Building Ezra Geist

Cemetery Susan Thompson

Finance Jon Hedges/Michael Brewer

Parks Charles Flanders

Streets Charles Flanders

Water Ezra Geist
Village of Arkport Office Hours Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 1:00 pm

Village Celebrated Holidays

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Day

President Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Veterans’ Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

January 31st of each year will be the deadline for the submission of each department for their inventory list to the Village Clerk’s Office.

M118 Motion made by Trustee Geist, seconded by Trustee Hedges, to approve all of the above

proposals, not covered by resolution, for the fiscal year 2014-2015.

Roll Call Vote Aye Nay
Mayor Flanders X

Trustee Brewer X

Trustee Geist X

Trustee Hedges X

Trustee Thompson X
M119 Motion made by Trustee Hedges, seconded by Trustee Brewer, to adjourn the Annual Organizational meeting at 6:45pm. Roll call. All ayes. Motion carried.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jennifer D. Bush

Village Clerk

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