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IV. Post-activity
Activity 4c Work in pairs. Say who says the sentences. 5 min
Objectives: to develop speaking; to enable pupils to express opinion
Ask the pupils to work in pairs. They read the statements and guess which speaker told that.

Answer key: 1) Abror; 2) Nilufar; 3) Nilufar; 4) Abror; 5) Abror; 6) Abror; 7) Nilufar; 8) Nilufar
V. Homework

Homework 2 min

Answer key: 1) going; 2) understand; 3) wants; 4) creative; 5) photography; 6) got broken; 7) good; 8) feelings; 9) helps; 10) understand
VI. Evaluation
Giving marks according to pupils participation to the lesson
Deputy director on educational affairs: _________ Signature: __________
Optional Activity 5 Writing
Objective: to write a review of a picture
PP write about the picture using the plan. They can use the adjectives from

• details about the title, artist and date

• the description you prepared in 4
• the answers to the following questions:
1 Is there anything you would like to do for him?
2 Would you like to talk to him?
3 What would you like to talk about?
4 What do you feel when you look at this picture?
Activity 5 Individual working with pupils
Objectives: to match the pictures with the words 
What do these artists produce ?
ART - Drawing / Painting / Photography /Pottery / Sculpture
JOB – Designer or cartoonist / Painter / Photographer / Potter / Sculptor

Activity 5a Individual working with pupils
Objectives: to write the word corresponding to the picture

You can admire those works in ______________, _____________________ or ________________________ Artists need to be creative, imaginative, innovative and sensitive .

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