Volunteer Role: Garden Volunteer (Arboretum Team)

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Volunteer Role: Garden Volunteer (Arboretum Team)

Arboretum Team Overview
The Arboretum Team at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh are responsible for managing the tree and shrub collection, which includes RBGE’s extensive collection of rhododendrons. Also under the team’s care is a large range of herbaceous plants, providing interest throughout the seasons.

Role Purpose
Garden Volunteers will assist the Arboretum Team with the maintenance and development of the living collection, ensuring that the plantings continue to look at their best for the many visitors – tourists and locals alike - whom enjoy the Garden.

Specific Tasks

  • A range of horticultural practices including propagation, planting, pruning, weeding and watering

  • Assisting the team with specific arboricultural tasks where required, this may include helping with the clear up of storm damaged trees

  • Being a friendly face for garden visitors, answering any queries and talking to them about the work you are undertaking

Skills and Qualities Needed
Volunteers will come from a wide range of backgrounds and will have many different qualities and skills. Essentials qualities for this role are:

We would like volunteers to commit to at least 6 months if possible. We are looking for help at the following times:

  • Wednesday 9.30am – 3.30pm

Support and Training
During the course of their volunteering role, the volunteer will be given regular guidance and practical support. Any relevant training that may be required or of particular interest will be identified and every effort made to ensure that suitable training to fulfil this need is delivered.

Location of Volunteering
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Arboretum Place



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