Vt3 2007 – 2008 Volcanic Transformation Year Year for becoming BapSaman through fast self-transformation and volcanic yoga

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2007 – 2008 Volcanic Transformation Year

Year for becoming BapSaman through fast self-transformation and volcanic yoga

4th June – 1st July
Topic Three: Being Master Bestowers of Treasures

Dadi Classes and Senior Classes
Having the treasure of powers, knowledge, virtue, time and happiness

Revealing your image of mercy and compassion

  1. Introduction to the year and Outline of aims and approach for the year of transformation

  2. Topics and Dates for the year

  3. Invitation to join the Volcanic Linkup once a month

  4. Meditation commentaries

  5. Being Master Bestower, Merciful and Compassionate- Dadi Janki

  6. Dadi Prakash Mani: Become Merciful give the sustenance of Godly love. (undated)

  7. Extracts of Bhog Message(Sister Mohini –New York) (15/4/2007)

  8. The Spirit of Giving – BK Nirwair (undated)

  9. Using Treasures in a Worthwhile Way – BK Surya (undated)

  10. Generous Heart-Sister Rajni (December 2006)

  11. The Magical Power of Good wishes: Sister Mohini (March 2007)

  12. Being A constant Donor-Surya Bhai (Feb. 2007)

An invitation to join the Year of Volcanic Transformation

Making double efforts for fast self-transformation and volcanic yoga

Dear souls,
As you know, Baba has signaled this year as the year for achieving volcanic or intense transformation.  Last year we developed the practice of intense stage of volcanic yoga that can bring deep transformation in the self. This year we will make double efforts by practicing both intense transformation on a daily basis and on the first Sunday of each month having an intense volcanic yoga bhatti.
As a year ends, the lokik world starts to review their year by asking what they have achieved and where they have failed. On New Year’s Eve there is a resolution taken for the year. In Brahmin life, rather than once a year, there is celebration in every moment. Our resolution is to be introspective and to follow a clear goal of transformation. In the last murli, Baba said that you should be able to transform yourself in a second. However, this year BapDada doesn’t want us to practice gradual transformation.
To follow Baba in this, we need to check ourselves, and ask what has been my transformation up until now. How far have I reached in achieving my aim and object? Most of us have been working gradually on ourselves. We have been transforming our old sanskaras. However, world service rather than self-transformation has become our most powerful subject. Baba now wants us to work on self-transformation. We just need to keep in mind that everything is possible if you have determination to keep on moving.
During the Year of Volcanic Transformation, our aim is to work on self-transformation through reflection and self-checking.. To make this process intense and to bring newness in myself I must keep the aim to become BapSaman. Become aware of your present image compared with your future image. To bring such deep change and become free of the influence of old sanskaras we have to sit down and reflect on our present stage.
This year will involve going through such a deep checking of our efforts so we can see clearly what we want to achieve, and what will require my attention. All these questions must be answered. This can help fulfill Baba’s hope that we will achieve a flying stage and become BapSaman as soon as possible. Such deep transformation is Baba’s desire for us for this year. It involves comparing myself with Brahma Baba to see to what extent I have become similar. What is the gap? It is this gap that I have to fill with yoga power, attention, determination…. So, I need to start reflection and checking on everything.

We wish you best wishes for the year
from Didi Nirmala and the Volcanic Transformation Team

Outline of aims and approach for the year of transformation
VT Year 2007-8

Aim: Self-transformation, transformation in the BK family and then world transformation

How: Use the power of the gathering. Create a wave of transformation amongst ourselves (BKs) around the world by having a unity of purpose and making intense efforts using the creative images, ideas, commentaries and powerful slogans from the 2006-7 season’s Murlis and Senior’s classes and commentaries.
Beginning the Year of Volcanic Transformation: A month of Deep Checking of our Chart and Aims

The first month will be a month to check our aims for the New Year. There is a list of questions developed by Didi Nirmala in her class given for this New Year. This will help us to do deep checking of our present stage of transformation and formulate new aims for this coming year of transformation.

Yuktis for the year:

  1. download an inspiring image, connected with a powerful slogan from the VT web site

  2. join the self transformation club

  3. study amrit vela and yoga bhatti points, commentaries and reflective class material

  4. use the months image as a screen saver on the computer

  5. print the image and slogan and put it up on the bulletin board of the centre

  6. down load classes and points with the murli batch of that month and print out for study

  7. have deep yoga first Sunday of every month focused on attaining fiery or volcanic remembrance

  8. read for inspiration for the bhatti :World Volcano Manual 2006, also on VT web site

  9. listen during yoga bhatti to yoga commentaries of audio CDs or mp3 available from VT web site

  10. have daily yoga on volcanic transformation: 4.45 – 5.00 or at the end amrit vela

New Resources:

World Volcano Manual 2006 on volcanic remembrance, has some new but mostly last year’s material that have been re-organised and edited. It’s available through NCOs (available on the VT web site).
World Volcano Meditation Commentaries are a new series of audio CDs produced in Madhuban, in 2007. They are a co-operative effort of the sound department and art department of Gyan Sarovar, senior yogis, and the Australian WVB Team. These are for sale in Madhuban or will be available as MP3s for download from the web site, topic wise each month.
New Ideas for this year: Self Transformation Club:

  • A new idea for the year is the formation of a Self-Transformation Club for those wanting to email directly to other BKs and share their ongoing process of transformation.

  • A short text for reflection goes out to club members monthly together with monthly mansa seva drills.

  • Aims are to go deep into the realization of the role of transformer.

  • Members will write down personal experiences share them by email.

  • Centres will create spaces for dialogue among club members.

  • These ideas were developed by BK Gopi Elton – Australia, BK Corinna Alicante – Spain, BK Mathias – Switzerland, BK Aloisio and BK Brigida of Brazil, BK Will Gonzalez – Philippines, BK Laura – Israel together with some members of the World Volcano committee of Australia.

  • The transformation club will be co-ordinated by BK Brigida of Brazil together with the group.

  • To join please email BK Brigida: brifries@uol.com.br

New: Topics and Contributors for the year:

Each month a different region will take responsibility for contributing classes, points and art work for that month.

New: Volcanic Transformation Year web site address

2007-8 VT Year: web site address: www.brahmakumaris.com.au/volcano/VTyear.php (valid April 07)

Materials and commentaries from the year for the world volcano bhatti will continue to be available on the old web site address:
2006-7 World Volcano Year: web site address: www.brahmakumaris.com.au/volcano/bhatti.php

VT Year Table
Year of Volcanic Transformation Topics - April 2007 – April 2008
each topic lasts for 30 (-35) days

Volcanic Linkup dates and focus topic for meditation:
The bhatti is on the first Sunday of each month

Dates of the month devoted to that Topic

each topic lasts 30 (-35) days

1. Using the Power of Transformation

  • Transformation: first self then family then the world

  • Using the power of the gathering

  • Reveal the self before you reveal the Father

6th May (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: Volcanic remembrance

2nd April
to 6th May

2. Experiencing the combined form

  • Mera Baba

  • Baba’s nature is my nature

3rd June (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: Love as the foundation of intense yoga

7th May
to 3rd June

3. Being Master Bestowers

  • Having the treasure of powers, knowledge, virtue, time and happiness

  • Revealing your image of mercy and compassion

1st July (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: World Benefactor stage

Monday 4th June
to Sunday 1st July

4. Being Master Sun - Using the Power of Silence

  • Tension versus attention

  • Keeping one direction and one srimat

  • Continuing to spin the discus of self realization

  • Being the master sun of knowledge

5th August (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: Lighthouse and Mighthouse Stage

Monday 2nd July
to Sunday 5th August

5. Being Brahmachari

  • Letting go of impurity and its 5 companions

  • Keeping a double lock of remembrance and being busy in service

2nd September (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: Purity and Soul Consciousness as the foundation of intense yoga – Rakhi

Monday 6th August
to Sunday 2nd September

6. Being an ancestor soul and Uplifting the world

  • Being worthy of worship for half a cycle

  • Experiencing the 8 goddesses

7th October (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: Worship worthy form


Monday 3rd September
to Sunday 7 October

7. Master bestower of liberation

  • Being a karma yogi

4th November (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: Karmateet stage – liberation in life

Monday 8th October
to Sunday 4th November

8. Experiencing soul power and God’s power

  • Experiencing power in any situation for as long as you want.

2nd December (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: Master Almighty Stage

5th November
to 2nd December

9. Master of the Mind

  • Controlling power and ruling power

  • Power of concentration

6th January (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: 5 forms and spiritual drill

3rd December
to 6th January

10. Perfect stage

  • Serving through the angelic stage

  • Signs of the avyakt stage

  • Your perfection will make time close

3rd February (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: Angelic and avyakt stage – 18th January

7th January
to 3rd February

11. Becoming ever ready and unshakeable

  • Give peace of the land of peace to the ones experiencing sorrow

  • Being unshakeable in the midst of upheaval – stories and experiences

2nd March (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: Bodiless, incorporeal and seed stage – Shivratri

4th February
to 2nd March

12. Courage to bring the sanskaras of the New Age into the present

  • Being the embodiment of the experience of every dharna

6th April (Sunday bhatti)

Focus topic for meditation: Deity form -Golden Age- Holi

3rd March
to 6th April

2007-8 Year of Volcanic Transformation (VT Team)

The organizing of the web page and materials is done from Australia by the team listed below.

Chair – Didi Nirmala,
RCO contact point – BK Charles Hogg,
Co-ordinator of VT team – BK Wendy Sargent;
Amrit vela points – BK Sally Segal and BK Khem (Trinidad);

Senior’s Classes – BK Jacqueline Russell and BK Caroline Minto;

Topic Research of murlis and classes - BK Warren Pitkin;

Contact for all of the above is through the Australian co-ordinating office, Indraprusth, Sydney, Australia

Any queries or concerns please write to VT Team: nco@au.bkwsu.org

VT web site address: www.brahmakumaris.com.au/volcano/VTyear.php
Volcanic Linkup: Transformation Bhatti - 2007-8

Linking up the Brahmin World in concentrated yoga for 24 hours every month

Part of the Year of Volcanic Transformation

Focused rays of light and might, golden beams from Baba,

Will transform us into master suns, active transformers, combined, BapSaman,

Activating a linkup of fiery yoga for self and world transformation.
Dear Yogis,

Didi Nirmala and the VT team invite you to join in the volcanic linkup from May 2007- May 2008. This takes place on the first Sunday of each month in order to intensify our efforts for self-transformation. The bhatti seeks to link the fiery yoga and intense efforts of all Brahmins globally. The practice of volcanic yoga creates a 24-hour active link-up of light between Brahmin households and centres. There is a deep focus on a particular yoga stage each month. Classes and commentaries from the volcanic manual (available on the website) will develop the global concentration and focus for meditation during those 24 hours.

Activating the links of the chain of yoga power: Small teams of yogis will gather in different households and centres in their city, so the whole BK family of that region is activated into generating a powerful fire of yoga. The bhatti becomes a combining with God through mind and heart creating an intense fire of love and transformation. Those linked to the global chain of yoga create an environment for Baba's power and magic to work wonders.

There are 8 hours for each region. Within each region, countries or areas will link in to the bhatti for 2 hours minimum and up to 8 hours if they are free. Please read the following schedule carefully and look for the name of your country or region. Please confirm your participation to us by email.

    • Best wishes from the Volcanic Transformation Team

Activating the Links in the bhatti of Volcanic transformation –

2007- 8 Linkup Schedule

Each 'link' when active in the bhatti will act as a lighthouse for transformation
Below are listed times and places for the global volcanic linkup. Listed is the two-hour minimum time of yoga. If you are free then link in and contribute more hours.

Sunday daytime linkup
South American, African and European Regions 8am-4pm

Western countries in your region e.g. Congo, France - 8-10am

Southern countries of your region e.g. Italy, Brazil
– 10am -12am

Eastern countries and central countries

– 12-2pm

Northern countries of your region

– 2-4pm
Sunday daytime linkup

Asian and Middle Eastern regions: 8am-4pm

NE Asian countries and all of the Middle East

– 8-10am

India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

– 10am -12am

SE Asian countries

– 2-4pm

China and Hong Kong

– 12-2am
Sunday morning linkup
Central American regions 5am-10am


- 5am-8am

Central America

Sunday afternoon and evening linkup
North and Central American Regions 1-9pm

Southern and Central USA

- 1-3pm

Canada and Alaska

- 3-5pm

Eastern USA

- 5-7pm

Western USA and Hawaii

Sunday afternoon and evening linkup
Australia and the Pacific regions 1-9pm


New Zealand

NSW and QLD in Australia

- 5-7pm

WA, VICT, TAS, SA in Australia

- 7-9pm
Sunday afternoon and evening linkup

Russian region 1-9pm

To be co-ordinated by Moscow main centre

Meditation Commentary I - “Master Bestower”
As I sit comfortably…I understand that I am a being of light …. A very subtle point of concentrated energy… full of purity…. peace,…powers…love…happiness…bliss and truth … I start radiating these different energies… .
Very slowly, I shift myself … and find myself in the dimension of unlimited light and peace,…I am in my Home… in front of Shiv Baba,… the Eternal Being who is constantly radiating in an unlimited way… .
As I absorb from Baba… the Comforter of Hearts… I am filled with such pure and divine love that my heart is healed and slowly melts.
I understand that there can be no being more loving than Shiv Baba… more Peaceful than Shiv Baba… more Powerful than Shiv Baba… more Blissful than Shiv Baba… purer than Shiv Baba.
In such a powerful stage… I automatically become an instrument for world service… as I absorb from Baba … all these energies flow out from me and radiate out to the world.
The hearts of unlimited souls… who have been searching for true love, peace are quenched,… very slowly, a strong surge of hope emerges in their hearts… their faces blossom … .
Seeing all this, my heart opens up… all the pure feelings and good wishes emerge… I am like Baba… a master Bestower.
Very slowly, … I shift myself away from Baba… I, the soul full of pure feelings and good wishes, … I sit in the centre of the forehead…ready to serve whoever soul comes into my contact.
Commentary II - June 2007
I am a point of divine energy, a star-like being… I take the support of this physical costume to play my role on this world drama… . How lucky I am at this auspicious Sangam Yug to play my hero part along with Beloved Baba, the greatest Director…. The bestower of Fortune teaches me how to become worship worthy to be threaded in the rosary of victory…. Baba’s pure wish is that I become a successful star… and I give hope and courage to all my brother souls who are tired and disheartened.
Baba gave me so many treasures: powers, knowledge, virtues, time, happiness and the treasures of breath… . I must use these judiciously…they are mine and yet…not mine… . I am the trustee…. They have been bestowed upon me to use for the self … and for others…. to be used at the right time… for only then can I increase them. I will bestow them upon others… for, to give… is to have… this is the law of the Eternal Being.
I… the soul… leave my body and go to the supreme abode to meet my Father…. He welcomes me… I feel His overflowing love, the unlimited love…the unconditional love… Every time I come to this haven of peace and love, I feel the same great happiness at meeting my Father, my Mother. I feel peaceful… I forget my tensions, worries…. I let go of my suspicions, my hate and feel free.
He knows what I need… I don’t have to ask…. He fills me with all the powers … and virtues… that I have used up… . I bathe myself in the Ocean of love, the Ocean of peace, the Ocean of purity. I feel the power, virtues filling me … every part of me… the soul… I am full… complete… happy and ready to be at my best… . I am the form of all that Baba wishes for me…I am the ‘rup’.
I wish to share… to bestow, what I have received from Baba… . With my mind, I travel over Africa, over regions where there is war, over places where there is famine, sickness and other forms of suffering. I send the vibrations of peace and love… received from Baba. I see them transformed with the message of hope… they realize that their situation is temporary… and look forward to the better world tomorrow.
I fly over the Americas… there are regions of physical poverty and regions of spiritual emptiness. To all, I send the same message and share with them the gifts that the Supreme Father gave me. What a joy in sharing…. I do not feel emptied… on the contrary, the more I give… the more I seem to have… . I am connected to the Source.
I go over the countries of Asia, over Australia, New Zealand and over Europe, sending vibrations and giving the message … . I feel very happy … . How lucky am I to have been able to play this role…. I will play it again and again…. I have created this fortune for eternity. I am the shower, the ‘basant’ …I am the master-bestower…. the world benefactor.
I belong to the physical world … the subtle world and the world of peace and love… I am not limited in space. I am not limited in time… I belong to eternity.
I come back to my body… and I realize that I can also give… by being an example… I will give through my drishti (vision)…my vritti()…my kriti ().

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