Vt3 2007 – 2008 Volcanic Transformation Year Year for becoming BapSaman through fast self-transformation and volcanic yoga

Pressure can cause me to lose my pure and clean feelings

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Pressure can cause me to lose my pure and clean feelings

If we lose this cleanliness then there is the feeling that we have become stagnant and bad. So how can I give to others? Then how can we serve lokiks through good wishes and pure feelings? When you look at each Brahmin, just create the thought that this is the Soul of a Kalpa ago, a Brahmin soul, a fortunate soul. At least this soul says My Baba. As a tapaswi soul, my vision for that Brahmin is high. This happens due to making some mistake or as the outcome of some past karma. At times, a test comes to see to what extent you are generous-hearted. Do you get these tests?

A subtle test is the test of receiving defamation. When you have not made a mistake but there is defamation then that’s the real challenge. Can I give at that time? I have not done anything wrong so how can I be generous-hearted because there is the thought that I have to explain to them that I am not wrong. Very forceful thoughts to prove myself at that time will arise. The question is how to give and what to give to that scene of Drama at that time. We do not need to be forceful. Whoever is instrument, all I need is to be quiet. I need not be forceful, that is real generosity. It is to be able to not let that scene take my energy. This is just a test. Within one second all I need is to emerge my patience – what is right will be proven in due time.
Generous Heart is not to allow my mind to think or to sustain the weakness of others in my heart

What kind of heart is one that holds the weakness of others? It’s not giving. A generous Heart is one that is free from keeping anyone’s weakness in the heart. Once I keep another’s weakness in my heart, then I will speak about it and create an account. (Very good term in Hindi: Frakdil and Udhar Chit).

The heart is also generous but in my consciousness also I must be generous. Take the example of a mother – whatever the defect of the child, she continues to give. Holding a high vision for each and everyone is being generous hearted. So to do this constantly we have to be connected with Baba above.
Usually our quality of mind is connected to the physical world and in this we are losing, no savings. And only when you have savings can you donate. If my mind is confused, insecure, there are no savings. Baba always says that we need to check our account of savings. The more I give the more I receive. There are only three things I can give – Shakti (power), virtues and love.
To increase my savings, I have to be disconnected with Lokik and the physical world

Baba always says: Imagine I have come from above to do my tasks and then when I finish I can go back to my home in a second. To constantly experience my home – I have to think of my home where I experience peace and have a non-judgemental stage. Baba is in the home. He is not judging anyone and is always beyond criticism. He exists in stillness in the home and in freedom. I need to take rest in the world of peace.

Sometimes I can allow my mind to be trapped in something. This continues to disturb me. You must experience that stillness – freshness of mind – liberation of mind from the effect of action of this physical world. You have to do the exercise of going up and coming down within a second (drill of 8 times).
You also need to have distaste for taking from this world

Sometimes we may have an interest in taking. There are many beautiful colourful scenes of Drama. When these come then I need to check my mind. The most beautiful thing, happy thing in this world is to have a liberated, peaceful and happy mind. If I lose interest in keeping my mind still then I will find myself involved in many variety traps. Then I am entangled and I cannot free myself from Drama and from the actions of other souls.

Accuracy of actions also needs a mind free from the influence of body and atmosphere. Generous Heart is to renounce your own comforts, then no excuse is made to give that comfort. Remove comfort to give love and attention, not to become self-centred.
A Generous Heart, True Heart, is when I can give independently of someone else's actions or some other kind of influence. Don’t let your mind go into thoughts of what, when and why. A generous heart is spiritual, it doesn’t use logic. Otherwise, our relationships become like a business. I must always feel, see the need of the soul and fulfil that need. I may ask for cooperation, time and attention. I need, like Baba, to be very sensitive to the needs of souls. Recognize and feel the subtle intention behind their words: some may need love, others knowledge… .
When a soul comes, I need to be peaceful and see the result by constantly maintaining the observer stage.
Sister Mohini (New York)

The Magical Power of Good Wishes (09-03-07)

  • Good thoughts of love, compassion and of kindness

  • Two aspects concerning relationships

  • Good wishes have positive effect of settling karma and creating a good atmosphere

  • Giving from Baba as an instrument for Baba

Good thoughts of love, compassion and of kindness

First, it happens at the level of thoughts. I have good thoughts of love, compassion and of kindness. Observe your own inner pure feeling and wishes. Are your own vibrations becoming pure? We say we need to have a clean heart and a clear mind in order to give. A clean and clear mind does not hold anything against anyone. When there is attachment for someone most of the thoughts are directed towards that soul. Sometimes the ones with whom we are having conflict or difficulty are those who criticize or oppose us. But also, there is lot of pull towards, and many wasteful thoughts for souls on whom we depend, and for whom we have attachment. So in both ways whether there is attachment, or expectation we see it creates wasteful thoughts or conflict.

You know you will always find some souls more challenging, more of a test. We know that, at the confluence age we have very lovely, spiritual relationships. We are souls. As souls we are brothers, we have been adopted by Baba through Brahma Baba. We are brothers and sisters so we are members of one family, we all practice soul consciousness. We are in the remembrance of Baba. But still there are karma's from 63 births that emerge. We play many different roles in 63 births and we will be the same soul’s together birth after birth. Body consciousness and the vices were there from the Copper Age onwards. Because of the vices, our interactions and our relationships were varied. Some were good, some were influenced by the vices. Good actions were mixed with some attachments and expectations so they were not selfless.
Not every action we did was altruistic. So some kinds of bondages were there. Just as in our spiritual life now, when we meet different people we have different responses. Some will immediately say we appreciate spiritual knowledge while some will argue. Then you question yourself: what have I done? Then we know that from that soul I have some karmic account from the past. Certain aspects settle these accounts.
We might say that I’m not doing anything wrong but I’m suffering

What another person is doing and how they are behaving with me is caused by the way in which I’m involved with that person. Otherwise, why should I be suffering? Why am I creating wasteful thoughts? Okay, that person is doing something but I’m sensitive to that and so I’m experiencing pain. So? We can say you are the cause but I am the cause too, because of what I’m receiving from that scene.

So Baba first wants us to be conscious of being in the Confluence Age and become free from sorrow. Don’t take nor give sorrow. Good people intentionally never would like to give sorrow to anyone but some have a tendency to take sorrow. Brahmins understand this and aim not to give sorrow, but we don’t know, that sanskar may be there of giving or taking sorrow. We are very sensitive at times and may take sorrow. So instead of having wasteful thoughts towards that soul in a negative way understand that I have some karma and now I have to settle those accounts in a pleasant way. I have to create good relations for the future and the present.
Two aspects concerning relationships:-

  • What is past I have to settle;

  • I’ve to create good relations because I will be playing my part with the same soul for next 5,000 years, so there must be that mutual understanding based on trust. I also want to create that friendship with other souls.

So there arises the need for good wishes. Because there are karmic, accounts left, all souls will continue to give some sorts of sorrow in thought, word or deed. As soon as you think or a shadow of that negativity towards a soul emerges just have good wishes. In this way, my thoughts are changing and I’m not suffering so at least I’m comfortable that I’m having good wishes. Definitely when you have good wishes, the soul is receiving something of which we might not be aware. But when there is sympathy, openness willingness, it is like keeping your doors open. If others have closed the doors of their heart at least let, the doors of my heart remain open.

Let me mend my relationships and have good relations.

  • First, let me make myself free from wasteful thoughts.

  • Second, let me make myself free from suffering and pain and sorrow.

  • Third, let me relate and live with other souls.

If anyone in the world is your enemy, is jealous of you or has done you harm, these are signs of subtle karmas coming back to you. I can protect myself by sending lots of love towards you.

Breaking the body consciousness of attachment

By thinking, that this other person is also a soul I help myself break my body consciousness. This will enable me to go beyond the karma of that relationship. For example, the death of a family member for some may be a source of happiness. How can you not think of that soul – we have been living together for so long. Tell those people who are sad to remember that deceased person as a soul. Then they can say I love you to the soul. The soul is not dead, only the body. This change of consciousness is very important. Sometimes they may say I’m okay but still they are holding on.

There is the tradition of crying after the death of someone because they think that crying will help them release their pain and sorrow. Think of that one as a soul as God’s child. If we send love to the dead person, that soul will have a very good experience. When you have good wishes for any soul that soul will have a pleasant experience.
Good wishes have positive effect of settling karma and creating a good atmosphere

You want to have extra meditation for Dadi. Dadi has done 70 years of tapasya. Do you think Dadi has any experience of sorrow? Any scene of Drama makes all of us involved. So many thoughts have arisen and we can imagine all sorts of things.

Once it happened that, another soul was ill and suffering a lot. So some souls had the thoughts about what kind of karma he must have done. So I asked them, what kind of karma you must have done to see the soul suffering and to be asking such questions. It’s your karma also because you are all involved in spending your time and money in helping that soul when they are ill. Then they all realized and there was a change in their behaviour and the atmosphere.
We may be giving good medicine, good doctors but if the soul is reaching its avyakt stage, they need silence, cheerful faces and a good atmosphere. So by giving good wishes we are creating the atmosphere. Brahma Baba had a very good command of how to create a good atmosphere. Some souls need such vibrations that can help them in their last spiritual journey.
Good wishes may be thoughts of encouragement and using qualities like supportiveness, courage or sympathy. Our love is expressed through good wishes. Don’t analyse the situation, just create the atmosphere. Become a detached observer – our heaviness is not helping the atmosphere.
Using our good qualities to help others

Another aspect of good wishes is the change created by using our many good qualities. Some souls may be going through some phase of disheartenment but good wishes enable us to understand the sanskara of that soul and to help him. The soul at that time only needs some sort of encouragement – something that will help the soul to move ahead and to take another step.

If I don’t have good wishes then I’ll say oh! This soul is doing this and acting in such and such a way. What I’m doing what help I’m giving? Only my good wishes and support will help at that time. You must have realized yourself how, at some point in your spiritual progress, someone has helped you in an incognito way. With good wishes, the soul is protected from stagnancy, or whatever weaknesses the soul is influenced by. And that is what is most needed among each other. Some may say you are supporting that soul.
For example, once a senior brother made a big mistake. So many of us told Dadi why are you giving so much love to the soul who had made such big mistake. And Dadi replied: “I am intentionally giving him so much love so that he can forget that mistake. With so much love from Dadi, the soul does not become distant. The soul needs a lot of love to come out of the situation. Many souls have deeper realization and then they can stay closer to the yagya. All of us experience some conflict or test at some point or other, but if I’m not helping with good wishes what kind of a relation or sympathy do I have? We should never be judgemental.
Giving from Baba as an instrument for Baba

At this time, the intellect of the soul is rajoguni, but I have to be great – my drishti must be very loving and uplift other souls. Why are BKs not able to give constantly? This is because they don’t give from what they are receiving from God. Remember it’s not only your love that you are giving but Baba’s love. You are not giving personally to that soul. It is Baba who is giving.

Everything is happening through Baba’s remembrance. Baba heard the call of the soul and responded through you. You are just an instrument. When I’m giving only what I’ve received from Baba – then there is no meekness. Just be a being of love of that quality which enables others to receive from you when they come into your contact or company. Good wishes involve remembrance of Baba and then there is receiving and sharing in an unlimited way.

Suraj Bhai – Being a Constant Donor (23-02-07)

  • True Donation

  • Serving as an Angel

  • Techniques for solving problems

True Donation

This entire world needs our vibrations. All souls of the world are looking towards us for good vibrations. Even nature needs purity from us because the strength of nature is purity. So today, we will discuss how to give constantly, that is how to become a great constant donor.

We are great souls in the world. We are master almighty authority souls. We are worship worthy gods and goddesses. We are ancestor souls. Baba has chosen us in order to bring benefit to the world. As we know, first He gives us the donation of knowledge. This is known as the greatest donation in the world. To give knowledge to others, to give right guidance to others – is a great deed of charity.

  • Donate virtues to others;

  • donate powers to others;

  • donate purity to others.

How can we donate this to others? The simple method is being virtuous, and then others will learn virtues from us. We live in this world, live a householder's life and go to our jobs. We act as responsible persons, but if people also notice that we are very light, and very happy in our interactions, and that we enjoy our life, then they will learn how to enjoy life, and keep themselves happy all the time. But if we get tense like them, they will not learn. Our inspirations become the best teachers for others. We have to teach through our practical life. This is how to donate virtues to others.

Suppose we are sick and our body is ill. But we are not crying we are just normal. Pain is there but our face does not reflect the pain. We are in silence. Sometimes we are happy too that Baba has given us the opportunity to remain in solitude. When people look at us, they will think what a wonderful person he is. He is sick but he is so happy. It will teach them how to remain bold. This is a very important thing for others.
When we face problems then we have to pass through different obstacles. If people see us in an unshakeable stage, they will appreciate our knowledge then they will appreciate our stage. They will not lose their happiness and peace when they have to pass through problems. Our practical life becomes the best teacher. We have to show everything through practical life. Another very important thing is to give good vibrations to the world. Give vibrations of peace, purity and might. If you become constant great donors, your life will become free from obstacles. You need not do anything else in your life. This practice of donating constantly will make you spiritual in your in life. How can I do this? What can I do? Let us make a practical programme. There is a very significant version from sakar murli, “if you become great donors this practice will make you great donors, free from obstacles”.
Practices for becoming a great donor:

  1. First practice: See others as a soul, it means you give current to that soul. So if our drishti goes to the soul, it means we give them vibrations. We can do this constant service. This is a soul, this is a soul. All are souls. Vibrations will go to them. This is a natural practice of donating. In our spiritual life, seeing souls in everyone’s forehead is very great and easy tapasya. It can be done in a natural way.

  1. Second practice: give others pure vibrations, this helps increase the practice of purity. If we give pure vibrations, our purity increases day by day. So do both these practices.

How to serve as angels and donate pure vibrations

We are angels – how are these bodily angels created? They have exactly the same organs, the same features but are in a subtle body. We must be very clear in our mind. Our constant energy spreads in our whole body all the time, and it makes up the subtle body. According to the quality of thoughts, it forms colours also – if thoughts are very powerful, the colour is red. If thoughts are very pure, the colour is white. Angels are shown in white colour. The soul is sitting in two bodies, physical and subtle.

We can practice separating these two bodies. Have a thought – just now do this practice:

this gross body has disappeared and now I the soul am sitting in the body of light”.

This is a very good practice to improve the angelic stage, double light stage.

Visualize I am sitting in the body of light. I am free from the bondage of this gross body. Now I can fly to the subtle world and soul world.

Ways to concentrate and serve through your angelic body and give vibrations through the subtle body

Think that you are an angel. Keep names of 10 countries or 10 cities in your mind.

I am in the sky over Japan… I am the angel of purity … giving pure vibrations to all people of Japan.

Do this for some time. For one minute. Now I go over Germany.

I am the angel of peace.

Giving vibrations of peace down to Germany.

Go over the third, fourth …. tenth country - it will become like a game. If you do it constantly everyday, you can fix up the timing, so that for 10 minutes, or for 20 minutes I’ll be an angel giving vibrations.

When people recognize you as an angel they will come to you. They will have love and respect for you. This is the best kind of service to the world. Government, medical science can give so many things to people. But what Baba’s children can give them no one else can give.

Visualize your perfect form

Visualize … just now do this practice. See up above the sky …. My perfect angelic form is standing there…. Gradually and gradually …. It is coming down towards me and it merges within me

You can enjoy this practice very much.
You can see this is my perfect form, full of purity.

I am master of Nature. From pure vibrations are going out to Nature. All the five elements are receiving pure vibrations from me and they are becoming pure.

Everyday, once in a day, visualize your perfect form in the sky … this is me… just for a minute.

Visualize again your perfect form in the sky; merge your perfect form within you…. (meditation practice in silence for 1 minute)
This visualization technique makes our tapasya easy. Because anything that we visualize its vibrations come to us. If we visualize our perfect form its perfect vibrations, fast vibrations will come to us. Then we will enjoy it. For this Baba has mentioned, invoke your perfect form. Have a clear vision in front of you. If sometimes it’s hard to visualize in space … visualize it on the wall. It will help us to do constant service to the world. If we are full, we can donate to the world. If we are empty, people will not experience anything.
The entire world needs my vibrations

You can experience this …this entire world needs my vibrations. In a day, 10 times bring this thought in your mind. All souls of this world require good vibrations since they are in sorrow. Internally they are unhappy, full of tension. Our vibrations can pull them out their peacelessness and tension. There is the experience of thousands of persons who do not know knowledge. They share their experience that someone has pulled out their tension and worry. It is the effect of our pure vibrations.

When souls come here, their old, heavy vibrations are finished. They will experience that someone has removed their sorrow. Suppose someone has a very big problem. We give him the vibrations of might. He will experience that all of a sudden that his problem has been solved. Without doing anything the right solution will come to his mind. This will be a great kind of service to the world. Give him vibrations of might and automatically his problems will be solved. This will be the effect of our vibrations.
Techniques for solving problems

We are all ancestors.

A very great thing Baba has mentioned in murli: “you are ancestors, the effect of your charitable deeds go to thousands of souls of all religions”. You will achieve many fruits, multi-million times fruits by this practise. This is because all the souls of the world will get benefit from that. In sakar murli, I loved this version: “The children who remember me 8 hours a day are my most helpful children because they spread the vibrations of peace, purity and might in the world. If we want to become helpful, co-operative to God, we must spread good vibrations to the whole world. What we give to others will come back to us, multiplied many times. If we give peace to others, we’ll experience peace. If we give pure vibrations to others, it will come back to us. Our purity will become natural. Make a vision of yourself that:

I am an ancestor soul. This kalpa tree is an inverted tree, I am sitting on top of that tree ... at the roots…. from Baba, the vibrations are coming to me and spreading to the whole kalpa tree.
This is one very simple yukti to do world service. For one minute, let us give vibrations of might to the world, to all souls of all religions.

Be an angel and sit on the top of the Kalpa Tree or at the roots of the kalpa tree. Feel that vibrations of might are coming down to me from the Almighty. I am receiving vibrations from Almighty…. These vibrations are going down to the entire Kalpa Tree. (Silence)

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