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Application for Subsidy Form (Lingnan University Students only) –

For Participation in the Global Internship Programmes offered by the

ASEAN Internship Scheme | Bloom of Youth | Next Step Connections |

WONE Internship in Spain/Portugal | CareerDC Work Holiday in Australia / New Zealand | VMU Lithuania Internship | Work and Travel USA
Notes to Applicants:

  1. Please type or complete the following in BLOCK Letters and return to SSC Ms Shirley Siu / Sara Chow for processing. We only accept HARD copies. For students on overseas exchange, you may email to: career@LN.edu.hk

  2. Please submit a copy of your CV and University Transcript (showing your GPA) together with this application.

  3. Please submit a copy of your recent photo (passport size). Attach the photo to your application.

  4. Please submit a copy of your internship placement document.

  5. The information you provided below will be used in our screening. Please provide truthful information. Falsification or misrepresentation, or willful omission of your records or information as requested below may result in cancellation of your application and nomination.

  6. The personal data provided in the application form will be used for selection purposes. It may be provided to organisations/agencies/university administrators authorise to process the information for purposes relating to recruitment and/or selection. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the confidentiality of all information and documents received.



(Family Name ) (Given Name – as appeared on your HKID card / passport) (中文名稱)

Contact Tel No.:

Lingnan E-mail:

Study Programme & Stream:


Lingnan student ID :

Personal email

Where’s your Birthplace:

Date of Birth:


Are you a permanent resident of Hong Kong?

 Yes

 No

Placement Information:

Please provide information about your summer placement company:

Organizer of your internship:

(Please  your answer)

 ASEAN Internship Scheme

 Bloom of Youth  Next Step Connection

 WONE internship in Spain/Portugal

 CareerDC Work Holiday in Australia / New Zealand

 Work and Travel USA

 VMU Lithuania internship

Name of internship company:

Country and City of your internship




Job nature of your internship:

Internship period:

From: (DD/MM/YYYY)



I hereby certify that the information provided above are true and to the best of my knowledge. I understand fully that any falsification, willful omission or misrepresentation of the above information may result in my application being cancelled by Lingnan University.

Signature of Applicant


Updated April 2018

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