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St. Mary the Virgin, Baldock.
St. Margaret of Antioch, Bygrave.


Sunday 1st April 2018
8.00 am Holy Communion 9.30am Easter Communion

11.00 am Easter Communion at Bygrave

There is a quiet traditional service of communion every Sunday at 8 am
Today is Easter Day! At our 9.30am Easter Communion we bring the new light of the risen Christ into church, bless the Easter Garden and carry little candles as we spread the Good News of Easter and claim it for ourselves. As part of the new life of Easter we baptize Kye Higgins. During communion the choir sing and we have some harp music. …And there are Easter Eggs to celebrate Easter at the end of the service.

At 11am there is Easter Communion at Bygrave.

Next Sunday is the Second Sunday of Easter. At our 9.30am Communion for All Ages we introduce the new Holy Oils into Church and celebrate Easter by telling the story of Doubting Thomas. We aim for worship that all ages can enter into.

Today’s worship

Opening hymn: 348 Before the Gospel: 419

Offertory hymn: 637 Final hymn: 672
There is a special sheet for today’s service at 9.30am

This week, please remember in your prayers these areas of our parish:

Downlands, Mercia Road, Weavers Way, Westell Close

Those in need of healing:

Peter Harris, Paula Conder, Trevor Bunch, Jean Palmer, Jeanette Jackson,

Ashling Galley Coulthard, Valerie Trevarthan, Sheila Boudreau, Karen Parry, Lynne and Larry Edwards, Martin Frost, Ron Crumpholt
Those who have died recently:

Max Dewing, Brenda Scott, Bill Agnew
At the anniversary of their death:

Pat Harding, Ivy Croft, Derek Barton, Rose Gray

Choir anthem: The choir will sing Hymn 680 'This joyful Eastertide' in the orange hymn book
What difference will it make to you tomorrow morning, that Jesus is risen from the dead?

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting for Baldock will be on Sunday 15th April at 11am in church. Stay on after church to elect wardens and hear reports etc. This will be followed by a Fellowship lunch at 12pm for those who are able to stay.

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting for Bygrave will be on Tuesday 17th April at 7.30pm in church
Andrew’s Installation as an Honorary Canon: As you may know, Alan, Bishop of St Albans has appointed Andrew Holford as an Honorary Canon of the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban, in recognition of his outstanding service to the parish and diocese. If you would like to attend his installation ceremony at the cathedral on Saturday 5th May at 4pm, could you please sign the sheet at the back of church. Please indicate whether you need a lift, and whether you could offer anyone a lift by ticking the appropriate column. Phil & Emma (Churchwardens)


Story of the Miracle Easter Bunny

On Easter Day Jimmy came home to find his dog, Rex, with next door neighbours bunny rabbit in its mouth. The rabbit was obviously dead.

Greatly upset, Jimmy panicked and wondered what to do. He decided to get rid of the rather large bunny and buy a new one, as identical as possible, which he then replaced in the next door cage without telling anyone.

Later that evening, Jimmy heard a knock on his front door and opening it he found his next door neighbours bearing the 'new' rabbit in their arms.

'Look,' squeaked his neighbour, 'Yesterday Billy was dead and we buried him 4 feet down in the garden. Today we come home and find that not only is he alive and well but he has grown several more teeth but also he has shrunk. It's a miracle.'
Music at St Mary’s, Baldock

The next three concerts in the music series are detailed below. Do come and join us and help us to raise funds for the next phase of the restoration. All tickets £10 each (children free) available from the church office (01462 892838), online at www.ticketsource.co.uk/fosm or on the door. Pay bar and complimentary canapes.

Camilli String Quartet - Saturday 7th April at 7.30pm

Winners of the 2015 John Barbirolli String Quartet Prize, Camilli features Baldock-raised violinist, Nandita Bhatia, accompanied by Erin Smith (violin), Elin Parry (viola) and Olivia Clayton (cello). The programme includes Schubert’s 1824 String Quartet No 13 in A minor.

The Mobb – Saturday 12th May at 7.30pm

Mike O’Neill, who taught piano and jazz at Knights Templar School for more than 20 years, leads his big band, ‘The Mobb’, an ensemble of local players, in a programme of swing and jazz, featuring music from the movies.

Chiltern West Gallery Quire – Sunday 20th May at 3pm

The CWGQ is a group of around twenty-five singers and instrumentalists, performing the distinctive psalms, hymns, anthems and carols that were sung in the west galleries of English country churches in the 18th and early 19th centuries.


CHURCH OPEN: Sun to Fri 8.20 am to 3.30 pm (From 8.40 am Wed)

Coffee Bar and gift shop open Wed. & Sat. 10 am to midday.
Sun 1st 7.20 am Morning Prayer Easter Day

APRIL 8.00 am Holy Communion (Andrew Holford)

9.30 am Easter Communion and Baptism of Kye Higgins (James Sawyer;

Preacher: Andrew Holford)

11.00 am Easter Communion at Bygrave

6.00 pm Evening Prayer

Mon 2nd Monday of Easter Week

Tues 3rd 8.20 am Morning Prayer Tuesday of Easter Week

4.45 pm Evening Prayer

Wed 4th 8.40 am Morning Prayer Wednesday of Easter Week

9.30 am Holy Communion (Andrew Holford)

10.30 am Tiny Tots Sing-a-long

4.00 pm Quarter peal of bells

5.30 pm Evening Prayer

Thurs 5th 8.40 am Morning Prayer Thursday of Easter Week

2.00 pm Community Sponsorship training in church hall

5.15 pm Evening Prayer

Fri 6th Friday of Easter Week

Sat 7th 7.30 pm Concert by Camilli quartet Saturday of Easter Week

Sun 8th 2nd Sunday of Easter

8.00 am Holy Communion (James Sawyer, preacher: Katrina Nice)

9.30 am Communion for All Ages (James Sawyer, preacher: Katrina Nice)

2.00 pm Wedding of Jo Pound and Dean Welton
Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the tomb.
Rev’d Andrew Holford: 01462 896273 (Note: Friday day off) 2008luddite@gmail.com

Rev’d James Sawyer: 07927 905369 (Note: Monday day off)

Churchwardens: Phil Charsley (Premises): 01462 895665.

Emma Wilkinson (Safeguarding): 07836 749283

Alex Milne – Hall Hire: alexandra.milne@gmail.com / 01462 490062

NEXT WEEK’S READINGS: Acts 4:32-35 John 20: 19-end
Andrew and Helen, James and Rosie wish everyone a very happy and joyful Easter. We pray that you will discover the risen Christ in the world today.

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