Welcome to the 1st newsletter for the "Dignity in Care" project. Full details about the project and how to get

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Welcome to the 1st newsletter for the “Dignity in Care” 

project. Full details about the project and how to get 

involved can be found at:  


Partners from Flanders, Belgium; Zeeland, the Netherlands; Lille, France 

and Dorset, England joined forces and expertise to set up this project led 

by KAHO Sint-Lieven. 

Over the next 3 years the project, supported by the European Union’s 

INTERREG IVA 2 Seas programme, will enable students and care providers  

in health and social care organizations to improve dignity and patient centered 

care. It will provide access to experience based learning in the sTimul  

care-ethics facilities and help participants from the different areas learn  

from each other. 

The project will support 24 separate training courses run in both sTimul sites 

providing intensive learning opportunities for around 400 participants from 

the four partner regions. This is a learning project where the results of the 

evaluation will improve training and practice delivery.

If you would like to know more about the sTimul facilities please contact:

sTimul (Moorsele) 


Ilse Avereyn (info@stimul.be)  


sTimul Nederland 


 Alet Veldhuis (alet@zzv.nl)


Flanders, Belgium:


KAHO Sint-Lieven

 (Lead) is a fast growing university college with significant 

experience in coordinating all types of EU supported projects. It has several bachelor and postgraduate 

courses in health and social care and scientific research in care-ethics. 



 is an ambitious collaborative project between education and care providers. It approaches care 

from a framework of thinking and doing, thinking again and acting better. Simulating helps learning in 

surprising ways, improving ideas and practice. This leads to further reflection and allows for renewed 

enthusiasm for the profession. 




Lille Catholic University

 contains a large health sector around its medical faculty and various 

schools of health. The university has several acute health hospitals that provide 700 beds for medical 

care and 200 beds for the care of the elderly. This environment allows interaction between health care 

institutions and education units that enhances practice, education and research.


The Netherlands

ZorgSaam Zeeuws-Vlaanderen,

 in Terneuzen, offers care in hospitals, at home 

and in four residential care homes. Hospital care is provided in a variety of locations across the region. 

ZorgSaam aims to give experience based care, which means that care givers approach patients, clients 

and residents with respect for their wishes and needs. 


Hogeschool Zeeland, 

HZ University of Applied Sciences is a knowledge institute that is anchored in the 

local region but has a global view. The University provides custom made education for a range of target 

groups, for a lifelong learning in a multicultural and multiform society. 




Partners in Care

 is a multi-stakeholder partnership established to raise the standard 

and quality of adult social care across Dorset, located on the southern central coast of England. 

Bournemouth University and Skills for Care provide additional expertise. 




Enhancing ethical practice and critical reflection by the sTimul 

experience in a care ethics lab

Some impressions of the sTimul facility, Moorsele

Existing care professionals and students training to enter the profession in the project regions will have 

the opportunity to learn at a sTimul facility. The international facilitators and student trainers who will 

prepare the future learners have already visited the sTimul. Here are some of their comments:

“During those two days, I lived a human and professional adventure that is at the heart of our occupation. This 

experience allows us to take a step back from our practices and re-examine the meaning behind the analysis of 

practices that we carry out with students. But it is emotionally draining.”  

Catherine Lefebvre,

 health trainer sector, IFsanté (Health Training Institute), Lille Catholic University

“What I’ll take from this experience is that ‘everyone should be treated by others as a person,’ Every caregiver 

should test his or her ‘good care practices’ on him or herself”  

Bénédicte Dengremont,

 trainer at IKPO (Massage Therapy School, Lille Catholic University)

“It was very helpful to have this experience in order to prepare stimulants for their experience in sTimul. I really 

think it will help a lot. Because now, from my own experience, I have insight. I prefer that over a story told”. 

Alet Veldhuis,

 practical trainer and ethicist, ZorgSaam

“Strangely it can make you feel alone even when surrounded by lots of other people. It has made me look at the 

way in which I provide care to others and has left me with a better understanding of what caring for people is all 

about. It is not just about health and safety, and risk assessments, but is about really getting to know the person 

you are looking after”. 

Katie Bennett,

 Partners in Care

Investing in your future - Crossborder cooperation programme 2007-

2013. Part-financed by the European Union - European regional 

Development Fund 07-029-BE_Dignity-in-Care

Project Launch Conference  

On the 24th of October 2011 INTERREG IVA 2 Seas project 7-029-BE_Dignity-in-Care project was 

launched at a conference held in Moorsele, Belgium. The president of sTimul, Hilde Van Der Donckt 

gave a warm welcome at the official start of this international project. 

Leen Stevens, Chair of the Project management Group, explained the eight main goals and objectives of the 

project. In addition to offering participation at the sTimul training facilities, knowledge will be shared and cross 

border study visits arranged. sTimul as a learning tool will be evaluated and refined throughout the project.  

A competition was held to design a project logo. The winning entry reflects the dignity and love of giving care 

symbolized by the tree of life.

Copies of the presentations given at the launch are available at www.dignity-in-care.eu

N e d e r l a n d

Kennismakingsmagazine sTimul Nederl


Van elkaar leren om

aandachtig zorg 

te leveren

Opening of sTimul Nederland 

On the 28th October 2011 the second sTimul training facility, sTimul Nederland, was 

officially opened. In her opening speech, Monica Roose explained that ZorgSaam 

joined KAHO Sint-Lieven to develop the project to improve Dignity in Care because 

of the philosophy of the sTimul training facility. A booklet produced for the opening is 

available please click here

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