We're hiring! Asia – Pacific Regional Coordinator Job Announcement

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Asia – Pacific Regional Coordinator Job Announcement
The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives/Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance (GAIA) is a worldwide alliance of more than 600 grassroots groups, NGOs and individuals in more than 90 countries whose ultimate vision is a just, toxic-free world without incineration. 
GAIA was founded in 2000 in South Africa and has now become the world’s largest alliance working on waste, pollution, and related climate and environmental justice issues.  We help communities shut down incinerators and other dirty technologies globally, and at the same time promote inclusive zero waste strategies that conserve natural resources, protect public health and the climate, and support innovative community and worker-led solutions globally. GAIA’s Asia-Pacific regional team is primarily based in Manila, Philippines – the country with the world’s only national ban on waste incineration – and manages a budget of approximately US $200,000 per year. (To learn more, see www.no-burn.org.)

We are looking for an inspiring, dynamic, and goal-oriented Regional Coordinator who can provide leadership to GAIA’s campaigns and strategies in the Asia-Pacific region, and work with members to set a critical path for current and future work. This is a position with significant growth and professional learning opportunities, as the movement in favor of climate justice and against incineration is expanding quickly region-wide, even as an increasing number of communities are facing toxic and unsustainable corporate waste industry projects.

The successful candidate will be an effective networker and international campaigner, who is excited by the opportunity to increase GAIA member involvement and cross-border solidarity, while spearheading the planning and implementation of national campaigns to defeat waste-to-energy incineration proposals in the region (with a particular focus on India, China, and the Philippines). She/he will also be energized by promoting city-scale implementation of zero waste strategies and supporting grassroots solutions to climate change through skillshares and advocacy. The regional coordinator will also be an excellent manager, capable of motivating and mentoring a lean team based in the Philippines and India to accomplish and deliver set key campaign goals.

GAIA’s Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator will:

  • provide leadership to campaigns and strategies and set a critical path for GAIA’s regional work;

  • provide political guidance and advice on projects and member support initiatives;

  • develop a shared critical analysis within our network of key strategic opportunities and threats;

  • build linkages and partnerships between GAIA and allied movements;

  • ensure regional participation in international campaigns, and provide input to global strategies;

  • facilitate Asia-Pacific member development and consultation processes;

  • supervise GAIA’s lean but highly effective 4-person regional team and finances;

  • manage the regional budget and direct fundraising for Asia-Pacific projects;

  • direct the regional media strategy and serve as a GAIA spokesperson in public venues.

The Regional Coordinator will also participate in GAIA’s international list serves, campaigns, and strategy-setting conversations that support global alliance-building, in collaboration with the network’s international Steering Committee and Coordination Team.


  • At least five years of successful experience in a coordination and campaigning capacity with either a people’s movement organization or environmental advocacy NGO (preferably with international work).

  • Strategic thinker, with demonstrated skill in analyzing political, environmental, and social trends in the region, and developing campaigns that are multi-faceted and decentralized. Able to successfully direct a project from conception to completion.

  • Excellent networking skills and proven track record in uniting diverse opinions and teams around a common agenda and plan. Demonstrated experience in working with people from different cultures and nationalities in a way that facilitates conflict resolution and values community wisdom.

  • A passion for environmental health and justice and grassroots social change. Commitment to GAIA’s mission and core values.

  • Familiarity with waste, pollution, and climate issues (expertise in the field is preferred but not required).

  • Strong writing and public speaking skills, with an ability to simplify messages and communicate complex issues to the public.

  • Proven track record in effective staff supervision, with an approach based on collaboration, mentorship, accountability, and consensus-building.

  • Excited about working with a global multicultural alliance, which requires extensive online communication with members (primarily via email, phone, Skype, and other online tools).

  • Highly computer literate, and comfortable with new media technologies.

  • Strong inter-personal communication skills. Good listener.

  • Fluent in English.

  • Systematic and goal-oriented – in it to win it!


  • Knowledge of national, regional and/or international political and financial institutions, with a particular focus on how to influence entities involved in infrastructure development (and especially waste and energy projects).

  • Proven track record in raising money for organizations and projects, particularly from European private foundations, international development funds, NGO partners, and major donors in Asia.

  • Good communication skills in one or more regional languages other than English.

  • Experience with climate and energy policy campaigns.

  • Skilled in or has practical appreciation for other key programmatic areas for member support, such as: community organizing, local policy development, strategic planning, research, meeting facilitation, and social media.

  • Tertiary qualification in a relevant field.

This position will preferably be based out of GAIA’s office in Quezon City, Philippines or Chennai, India, although we are willing to consider applicants located in other key locations. If based in the Philippines, GAIA’s Asia Regional Coordinator will also be the Executive Director of GAIA Philippines.
We offer a competitive salary plus benefits, including health insurance, vacation, a sabbatical policy, maternity/paternity leave, and other similar employment protections. We take pride in our ability to support one another's work in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, and look forward to introducing the successful candidate to our welcoming and highly motivated team and members. 
We are seeking candidates who are excited to make an initial commitment of at least two years to this work. Willingness to travel internationally with frequency is required.


GAIA is committed to the principle of Equal Employment Opportunity for all employees, regardless of sex, marital status, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation and any other characteristics unrelated to the performance of the job. People from historically marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please send your resume and letter of intent to jobs@no-burn.org.  No calls, please. Writing samples will be requested from successful candidates later in the process. 
This position will be open until filled. Screening and interviews will begin on December 19, 2011.
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