What is a conspiracy?

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What is a conspiracy?

A conspiracy is a type of theory about global events, secret societies, alien life, our brains being poisoned through subliminal messaging and much more. Some of my favourite conspiracies out there are chemtrails, the illuminati, the Nazis escaping to the moon, reptilians, JFK being assassinated by the government and some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet meeting at a secret sanctuary once a year in the middle of the forest to worship a great owl statue.

The Illuminaticomposite

The Illuminati were originally a secret society in Germany who controlled government affairs during the seventeen hundreds. They are now believed to be an even stronger secret society then before as they are now planning the new world order which is their idea of the future that is controlled by a single government. They are often associated with the all Seeing Eye that is on the dollar bill, but in actual fact their symbol is the all-seeing owl why this is their symbol it’s not clear but it could have something to do with the fact that the most powerful people in the world go to a temple In the middle of the forest to worship a big owl statue. The founder of the illuminati is Sir Adam Weishaupt a German philosopher who is said to have assassinated George Washington and impersonated him for years. Most members of the illuminati are in some way famous for example; Beyoncé, Barrack Obama, Kanye West, the Royal Family and even good old Pewdiepie aka Felix Arvid. It’s also said that when you try to leave the illumiati you will be assassinated just like Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur and Elvis Presley.


komodo dragon

A reptilian is a half human half reptile shape shifter. They resemble a snake or lizard like human whilst in their true form but they look like your average run of the mill human when in their camouflage disguise. They would regard humans as an inferior race despite having travelled to space, having nuclear weapons and even having seen pictures of the observable universe through the Hubble telescope. Some of the most powerful world leaders are believed to be reptilians for example Barrack Obama, the Queen and even Vladimir Putin. This theory was created by David Icke the former professional footballer and sports writer He has since been titled one of the most paranoid people of the century and has also been accused of being one of the most stupid people alive today. You will know a reptilian when you see one as they will more than likely be bald or wearing a wig to disguise themselves. Also their ears are a little bit lower than normal. Their eyes sometime are similar to that of a reptile.


What we call an alien or an extra-terrestrial is a very short grey being with massive black eyes and telekinetic powers to mind control us.

They are thought to be behind various incidents such as the crash in Roswell New Mexico, Battle Los Angeles and have even been seen in multiple historical paintings. Alien are believed to have observed planet earth as painting and wall carvings in ancient Egypt showing what appears to be mysterious objects in the sky creating landmarks such as the pyramids and the sphinx monument. Aliens are believed to originate from Planet Niribu, an earth sized planet in our solar system with an orbit similar to Pluto but not as far out. My evidence of alien existence is that there are more galaxies in the observable universe then grains of sand on earth and with many stars being thousands of times larger than our own. With many galaxies being a million time larger than the milky way, which holds around a hundred billion stars than NGC 6872 the largest galaxy known to man must have an uncountable amount of stars in it and what if NGC 6872 looks like a speck of dust compared to other galaxies then it’s safe to say we’re definitely not alone in the universe. vlt/galex image of ngc 6872from left to right, purported ufo sighting in rhodesia, drawing of a ufo sighting by chinese man sun shili, computer-generated image of a ufo, ufo-shaped cloud

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