What is tempus?

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What is TEMPUS?

  • TEMPUS is a European Community programme designed to support the development and restructuring of higher education systems in Europe and Partner Countries in the Mediterranean region, Western Balkans, Russia, the Caucasus countries and the Central Asian Republics.

  • Balanced Cooperation

  • TEMPUS focuses on the development of the Higher Education systems through balanced cooperation between institutions in the European Union and in the Partner Countries.

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

  • TEMPUS was extended to the Mediterranean region in 2002, in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, launched at the 1995 Barcelona Conference.

  • The Barcelona Declaration:

  • Development of Human Resources

  • Promotion of mutual understanding between cultures

  • Exchange between civil societies

Establishing the National TEMPUS Office (NTO) - Jordan

  • Based upon mutual understanding between the EC and the Jordanian Government, and the recommendations of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, and the Minister of Finance, the  Council of Ministers adopted a Decision in its meeting on 2nd March 2004 to “Establish the National TEMPUS Office - Jordan, to assist in the development of the Higher Education Sector"

Responsibilities of the NTO Jordan

  • The Office is engaged in the following activities, among others:

  • Facilitate implementation of projects and overcome any obstacles.

  • Monitor the progress of on-going projects and report to EC.

  • Disseminate information and assist institutions in issues related to TEMPUS programmes and activities.

  • Assist MoHESR in defining priorities for TEMPUS projects.

  • Liaise with local authorities regarding TEMPUS projects.

  • Assist the European Commission in projects selection.

  • Liaise with the EC Delegation and European Cultural Attaches/Development Officers in Amman regarding on-going and future projects and other activities.


Main Activities

  • Past ..

  • Jordan National TEMPUS Day, 9th Oct. 2004

  • TEMPUS Projects Review Day, 5th Feb. 2005

  • Workshop on “How to Write TEMPUS proposals”, 7th May 2005

  • Coming..

  • TEMPUS Projects Review Day, Feb. 2006

  • University – Enterprise International Conference, April 2006 (Organized by the EC, hosted by the Ministry of HE&SR, and with the assistance of NTO – Jordan)

  • Meeting with staff who were granted IMG’s

  • Several monitoring visits (the first starts in two days!).

Joint European Projects Involving Jordan

Joint European Projects Involving Jordan

Structural & Complementary Measures Projects Involving Jordan

Notes regarding Projects involving Jordan

  • Number of projects in JEP & SCM is limited by budget.

  • Number of IMG’s depends upon interest & efforts of faculty members.

Erasmus Mundus

Joint European Projects Micro-Finance at the University

Educational Centre in Renewable Energy & the Efficient Use of Energy at JUST

Establishing A Teaching Centre for Cultural Heritage

Partnership to Enhance Nursing Education

Training of Industrial Systems Integration

Curricula Development for Integrated Water Resources Management

NTO Contact Information

  • NTO Contact Information

  • Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

  • P.O. Box 138, Al-Jubaiha,

  • Amman 11941 – Jordan

  • Tel: +962 - 6 - 53 55 825, +962 - 7 - 77 21 22 00 (Mobile)  Fax: +962 - 6 - 53 37 836

  • Email: tempus@mohe.gov.jo,

  • Web site: www.tempus.org.jo

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