When we talk about the artist Bibi Ferreira, we are talking about a woman of the Theater

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When we talk about the artist Bibi Ferreira, we are talking about a woman of the Theater.  Throughout hercareer spanning over 70 years, she has unceasingly performed, directed and produced, making history along the way as the leader behind the most important moments of Brazilian theater in the 20th century. Bibi, already in her stage debut, alongside her father, earned the label “The Great Actress,". Before reaching the age of 30, Bibi was already considered Brazil's greatest actress of her day. Bibi was responsible for bringing musical comedy to Brazil. She was also the lead actress of three internationally acclaimed successes: “Hello Dolly,” “My Fair Lady” and “Man of La Mancha.” Another great success of Bibi’s careers was the musical “Gota d’Água” by Chico Buarque and Paulo Pontes. The musical was an adaptation from “Medeia” to the Brazilian environment. “Gota d’Água” is considered a milestone in the history of Brazilian theater.Another hallmark in Bibi’s career is the musical “Piaf – The Life of a Star of the Song”.​

Premiering in 1983, the musical about the French singer Edith Piaf has had a successful 28 year-run and has been recognized by the French government on two occasions (1985 and 2009) receiving the commendation of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, that country's highest accolade for an artist.Bibi also lived the life and the music of Amália Rodrigues on stage, in “Bibi lives Amlia.”

The symphonic spectacle “Bibi in Concert” marked the celebration of 50 years of her career and was broadcast nationwide in Brazil by TV Globo on several occasions. Other productions include “Bibi in Cocert II,” presenting great international numbers; and ”Bibi in Concert III – Pop,” with a modern sonority and rich diversity of musical genres, including everything from opera to rap.
In 2006, Bibi starred in the comedy “Às Favas com os Escrúpulos,” with a script by Juca de Oliveira and directed by Jô Soares, two of Brazilian's most important playwrights. This marked Bibi’s comeback to the stage in a spoken comedy after 54 years of musical comedies. “Às Favas com os Escrúpulos” was a box office hit, reamaining on stage for more than 3 years and traveling all over Brazil, seen by over 300,000 audiences.In 2010, Bibi presented “De Pixinguinha a Noel, passando por Gardel,” In this show, Bibi sang not only hits from the Brazilian popular songbook, but also tangos, demonstrating her mother and grandmother's influence on her, both of whom were from Argentina. With performances in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Bibi was accompanied by the music group “El Arranque,” one of the most important Tango orchestras currently. The critics praised the show with enthusiastic reviews. Argentina's “La Nacion” newspaper, said "Bibi left the city of Buenos Aires teaching Argentineans a lesson on how to sing tango".

Aside from being a stellar performer on stage, Bibi is also an incredible director, who left her indelible mark on many Brazilians successes, among them theater plays, shows of Brazilian popular music and opera performances, the latter being one of Bibi’s greatest passions.Bibi Ferreira, celebrating her 90th birthday, and an uninterrupted 72 year-long career. The most monumental and the expressive actress of the Brazilians stage.

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