Yuki Finds Her Way Comprehension Questions Describe Yuki’s mood as she begins her day

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Yuki Finds Her Way Comprehension Questions

  1. Describe Yuki’s mood as she begins her day.

  1. What is the setting? Include Where, When, and give specific details of the setting.

  1. What is the conflict in the story? Is it internal or external? Is it man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. some outside or phenomenal force, or man vs. self?

  1. Explain (it might be a combination of the things above)?

  1. What was Yuki’s reason for staying behind?

  1. Describe why Yuki’s mouth felt parched? What is the author’s purpose for using descriptive language like “vicious thirst”?

  1. What caused Yuki to panic? Describe how how her senses were affected?

  1. Explain what the symphony she heard was?

  1. What things did Yuki do to help herself through her ordeal?

  1. What caused Yuki pain during her search for the tree?

  1. What reasons caused Yuki to stop reacting and to start acting instead? Be specific and use evidence from the story.

  1. How did Yuki know the explorers hadn’t come back looking for her yet?

  1. What is the message, theme or moral for this story?

  1. Think about what you have learned about Yuki. Write a paragraph to describe what you think might happen if Yuki hadn’t been rescued that same day?

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