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No. 2(26), 2004

Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan have shown how this approach works in practice by focusing on the unifying,

rather than separating, function of state borders. The new international organization, the SCO, that arose

during the negotiations on the border, significantly expanded the original range of tasks. Today its goal

is to develop multilateral cooperation among the participants, including in such areas as security and

defense, the economy, foreign policy, culture, and education. What is more, by resolving the disputed

territorial problems, the countries’ nascent striving to develop regional cooperation can be expected to

strengthen stability in the Eurasian subregion. And normalization of the situation in the region will help

to develop multilateral relations, which in the future should lead to economic growth in these countries.

Whatever the case, the experience of the SCO will be beneficial not only for resolving territorial prob-

lems, but also for creating an international security system.

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