2017 wood river extreme ski joring association rules rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Rules are solely for the safety of the competitors, both horse and human and to ensure fair competition at Wood River Extreme Ski Joring Association race. All rules are required to be followed by Wood River Extreme Ski Joring Association members, directors, volunteers and competitors.

Divisions and Competition Criteria

· OPEN CLASS (Pro) Teams are considered to be the highest skilled competitors with the fastest horses. A team consists of horse, rider and skier.

· SPORT CLASS (Amateur) Teams are considered to be intermediate level skill participants riding horses that may not be fast enough to be in the Open Class. A team consists of horse, rider and skier.

· NOVICE/EXHIBITION CLASS (Beginners) Teams are considered to be new to the sport, beginning level competitors riding horses that may not have speed enough to be competitive in the Open or the Sport Class.

Youth Divisions

Pee-Wee (5 - 10), Junior (11-14) & Intermediate (15-18) by age of the skier.

Ages under 18 will need parent’s signature at sign-up.
Skier – All Divisions Rules and Recommendations


  1. A skier can choose their division of competition and is not required to advance to the next class if they win their division.

  2. A skier must compete in only one Division.

  3. A skier may compete unlimited times in a day (None behind the same horse).

  4. All skiers must wear approved snow sport helmets.


  1. Eye protection is recommended.

  2. It is strongly suggested that bindings be tested by a professional prior to skiing.

Rider – All Divisions Rules and Recommendations


  1. A rider may compete in more than one division, but must compete on a different horse in each Division entered.


  1. Helmets and protective vests are recommended for all riders.

Horse – All Divisions Rules and Recommendations


  1. A Horse can compete in only one Division.

  2. A horse cannot run more than two times in a day.

  3. If a horse has won twice within a division in the same year it has to move up to the next division.


  1. Leg protection (boots or polo wraps) and bell boots are strongly recommended.

  2. Horses should have a shoe that will increase traction (borium, caulks, etc).

Rules of Competition – General


  1. If we only have two teams in any division we reserve the right to combine them and race them as one division.

  2. Two-second penalty for each missed or dropped ring.

  3. Two-second penalty for each missed gate.

  4. Two-second penalty if horse hits a gate.

  5. Two-second penalty if horse breaks the plane of any jump.

  6. Disqualification if horse runs over start or finish board.

  7. Five-second penalty if skier misses a jump.

  8. Competitors MUST listen to the starters and race officials.

  9. No Adults in the youth divisions- must be a youth Rider and a youth skier.

  10. Race is a combined time (Saturday & Sunday) event.

  11. NO DOGS allowed on or near the track PERIOD!

  12. NO kids by the timing shack, announcer’s booth or around sound system during race. (WRESJA)

  13. If a horse, rider, or equipment are deemed unsafe the rider and horse can be asked to leave at any time by the Horse Gate Official or SKI JORING AMERICA Ambassador.

  14. Any equipment failure will not receive a re-run.

  15. There is to be only one team in staging area. Skiers need to be out of the staging area.

  16. If the Skier drops the rope BEFORE crossing the start line, he/she will be allowed a restart immediately after the team’s fault start. The four-minute rule restarts upon the arena judge’s determination of a clear course. If a delay or the skier drops the rope on the second attempt to start, that team is disqualified for that run. If the Horse runs the course, the team should be dropped down (In the order at the official's discretion) a few racers to allow for reasonable recovery time. If it is the last of the division, they should be scheduled to run 1st prior to the start of the next division.

  17. Skier must be holding rope, and in an upright position and on at least one ski when crossing the finish line.

  18. If the skier loses the rope, the team is disqualified for that run.

  19. Both ski tips and both boots must go around a gate, or the gate is considered missed.

  20. Skiers and riders may grab or spear ring(s) with arm and have ring(s) on arm when crossing the finish line.

  21. If ring falls off of standard prior to skier approach, no penalty for missed ring or if ring comes apart or is broken, no penalty for missed ring.

  22. Batons: There will be NO use of Batons at Association races.

  23. Horses will be marked with a paint stick at prerace track inspection. This eliminates the chances of a horse running more than twice per day or racing in a different division.

  24. If the rider, skier, or horse is unable to complete their second run, they may not find a replacement team & will be disqualified.

  25. No skiers or horses will be allowed on the track prior to course inspection.

  26. During course inspection, skiers will have skis on and will not ski off the top of the jumps.

  27. Riders will be allowed to walk their horse down track one time from start to finish only.

  28. All times will be available for the competitors.

  29. Protests:

    1. Protests must be made within 15 Minutes of the completion of the division.

    2. Protest Fee is $40 nonrefundable.

    3. Decision of race jury is final.

  30. The following will result in no time:

  • Infraction of any state or federal law which exists pertaining to the exhibition, care, and custody of horses within the state or country where a Skijoring America member race is being held.

  • Abuse of an animal on the track and/or evidence that an act of abuse has occurred prior to or during the exhibition of a horse in competition.

  • Use of illegal equipment, including added wire on bits or curb chains.

  • Failure to dismount and/or present horse and equipment to the horse official if asked.


  1. Rules should be reviewed verbally with all competitors prior to the start of the race.

  2. Horses will be randomly checked for equipment. The Wood River Extreme Ski Joring Association Horse Gate Official will check all tack and how the rope is attached to the saddle. If requested by the Wood River Extreme Ski Joring Association Horse Gate Official, a rider may be asked to drop their bit.

Race Equipment Rules:

  1. No team shall use a handle in rope or any sort of water ski style rope. (WRESJA)

  2. Teams must provide their own ropes and carabineers. Rope’s length will be 35 feet maximum and WRESJA must approve such ropes at prerace track inspection and will mark the ropes. (WRESJA)

  3. Attachment of the rope to the saddle will be the option of the rider as long as it complies with the following:

    1. Attachment is to the saddle horn.

    2. Attachment is within four inches (4") of the cantle under strain.

    3. Attachment must be directly to the primary rigging rings of the saddle with a non-elastic material.

    4. Connection of the pull rope to the saddle must be to the centerline of the horse, with a carabineer type device.

    5. A Wood River Extreme Ski Joring Association Technical Delegate must approve any attachment to the saddle, other than to the saddle horn, prior to the race.


To ensure that the sport of ski-joring remains a fun and family environment, the following sportsmanship policy is adopted at all races: Sportsmanship will be required from all participants. Ski-Joring officials, field flaggers, and all race officials will have the power to give out warnings or disqualify any person or team that they deem is acting in a un-sportsman like manner. Failure to heed warnings from any race personnel may result in disqualification. Mistreating any horse, inappropriate language towards officials, spectators, or other competitors, and throwing or mistreating of equipment shall be grounds for disqualification. All protests and complaints shall be brought to the Wood River Extreme Ski Joring Association Technical Delegate and Jury at that race. Every team shall act in a sportsman like, reasonable, and professional manner.

Racing Time is ran off of official time only.

I have read the rules and accept them: ______________________________________________________

Rider (Parent or Guardian if under 18 years of age)

Skier (Parent or Guardian if under 18 years of age)

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