Andromeda Check-List

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Andromeda Check-List





M31 NGC221 & M32 NGC224 - Galaxies – Easy/Moderate
M31 can be seen easily through binoculars as a fuzzy blob however like M110 M32 is best viewed through moderate sized telescopes and appears as a faint glow below M31

M110 NGC205 - Galaxy – Moderate
Best seen using moderate sized telescopes as a fuzzy blob to the NW of M31

NGC404 “Mirachs Ghost” - Galaxy – Moderate
Light from Beta Andromedae tends to drown out this galaxy which can be seen face on. The star is just 7 arc-minutes away from the galaxy.

NGC891 Caldwell 23 - Galaxy – Moderate
This is a small faint galaxy which lies 3.4 degrees East of Almach which makes it easy to find, look for a faint streak of light.

NGC7640 – Galaxy – Difficult
Visually this galaxy is bright and is best seen through moderate to large telescopes at medium magnification. The galaxy is framed by a bright triangular shaped group of stars.

NGC7662 Blue Snowball Nebula - Planetary Nebula – Moderate
This is a fine planetary nebula which can be seen with but is challenging for binoculars. Moderate sized scopes on a medium power will reveal much detail. Using a variety of filters will bring out even more detail

NGC752 Open Cluster – III1m – Easy
Contains around 70 stars, can be seen with the naked eye. Best seen using binoculars or telescopes on very low power, the cluster contains many chains of stars as well as multiple star systems.

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NGC7686 Open Cluster – IV1p - Moderate
A sparse and widely dispersed cluster with many 10th and 11th magnitude stars. Can be seen with binoculars, look for a diffuse glow centred around a 6th magnitude star, through larger telescopes many faint stars can be seen leading off into streams and chains.

57 Gamma Andromedae STF205 A-BC Mag 2.3/5.0 “Almach” Binary Star – Easy
Colourful Binary popular amongst amateur astronomers, look for a yellow primary with a blue-green secondary. The AB pair is easily split the BC pair will need a large telescope.

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