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Asif Khanani



Academic Qualification:

  • Masters of Business Administration (2006)

  • Bachelors of Business Administration (2004)

Professional Courses

  • Karachi Automation Trading System (KATS) at Karachi Stock Exchange

  • Central Depository System Software (CDC) at Central Depository Co. of Pak. Ltd

  • Horizon trading platform – UAE

  • Equator CSD - UAE

  • Passed CME1 Exams (Regulations & Operations) CMA - Saudi Arabia

Computers & Skills:

  • MS Office 2000, Flexcube, Odyssey, Core Banking System – LionSys, GLOBUS, Windows 9x, 2000, XP, FT, RTOS, IT – ABS, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Sales Force

Business Experience
May 2011 Barclays, UAE – Manager, BP& A & Product Specialist, Corporate Bank


Manage the Corporate Banking finance function for both Coverage and Product encompassing Business Planning and Analysis, Forecasting and Budgeting, Sales and Product Performance management, Client Financials Reporting, MIS, Cost control and Strategy implementation of the UAE and GCC business.

  • Work closely with product teams i.e. Trade, Debt, Cash & Treasury to proactively provide the MI and Finance support

  • Trade & Debt balance sheet and maturity analysis for both funded and unfunded products

  • Trade & Working Capital customer limits and Utilization analysis

  • Products income reporting at client level

  • Trade income allocation to FI RDs for trade done on FI risk (bank lines)

  • Trade & Debt pipeline management

  • Trade & Cash transactions reporting and income tracking based on transactions

  • Monitoring and rectification of income accruals (ex. Guarantee commissions)

  • Responsible for Monthly Business Review deck

  • Revenue reporting to the stake holders i.e. Local & Central (UK) finance, Product partners, coverage partners, cluster and local management.

  • Product forecasting STP (core business) and MTP (core business, system & process enhancement/change).

  • Responsible to track business targets and run rate management

  • Country champion for CRM application SalesForce ©

  • Responsible to review/monitor corporate client on-boarding process to enhance the customer experience.

Mar 2010 Anfaal Capital – Jeddah, (Subsidiary of ICD) Manager Operations

- April 2011

Management Responsibilities

  • Responsible for overall operations of the business of Anfaal Capital, which covers a wide spectrum of Investment Banking business i.e. Arranging, Managing, Advising and Executing.

  • Member of the Recruitment and Compensation committee, ensuring placement of right resource across the firm.

  • Conducted in-house coaching sessions on business communications.

  • Help achieve firm wide revenue target and r/e ratio i.e. setting up infrastructure for Operations & Technology to support existing / new business and organization growth.

  • Operational efficiency;

    • Standardization across units with a view to centralize Operations & Technology functions / processes

    • Error rates

    • Cycle time for processes

    • Availability of resources / uptime / coverage of business hours

  • People management

    • Capacity planning

    • Staff performance

  • Compliance / operational risk management

    • Clean audits

    • Number of open controls / reconciliation / verification issues

    • TAT for resolution of issues

Business Responsibilities (Head of Custody, Admin and Registrar services)

  • Responsible for UAT of funds/portfolio valuation system (Efront) for fund valuations.

  • Identifying GAPS and ensuring changes are done as per business requirements, and also assisting IT team in the development phase of the application by explicating the rules of funds business.

  • Working closely with the Finance team to ensure smooth executions/settlement of Asset Management transactions.

  • Developed/Enhanced processes for the Operations department.

  • Actively participated in submission process of real estate funds IM to the regulators.

  • Reporting to the stake holders i.e. (regulators, management and the customers).

  • Maintenance of Financial and Non – Financial Statistical Data

  • Supervising team of 5-6 in Operations.

  • Ensure the accurate and timely processing of all Corporate Action events and any resulting client instructions.

  • Perform reconciliations to confirm appropriate settlement of all transactions (FX, Cash, Securities, Corporate Action, Tax Reclaims).

  • Transactions management which are large in value and complex in nature, ensuring smooth settlement, mitigating reputational, financial and operational risk.

  • Constant interaction with external stake holders to ensure receipt execution of orders in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Hands on processing by service providers i.e. custodians, administrators and registrars of the funds/portfolios. Manage and resolve any resulting share and cash discrepancies identified by reconciliations, researching and resolving discrepancies in a timely manner so as to prevent any potential risk or loss to the client or the firm.

Jan 2009 Rasmala Investments Saudi – Riyadh, Operations Manager

Feb 2010 (Asset Management, Brokerage)

  • Finalized the set-up of local operations in conjunction with the regional head office ongoing administration.

  • To provide operational support for entire Asset Management, Discretionary portfolio management (DPM) and brokerage business setup and assist in preparing/ reviewing various agreements with the service providers (such as settlement and receiving banks, administrators, custodians, registrars).

  • Responsible for smooth functioning of local operations functions (i.e. reconciliations, corporate actions, trade settlements, communication with the regulators, NAV computation, NAV publication)

  • Reporting weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly reports for the stake holders (i.e. banks, regulators & management)

  • Responsible to enhance, implement and maintain Rasmala Brokerage application (OMS)

  • UAT of entire tradable instruments i.e. ETFs, equity SWAPS, Bonds, equities.

  • Head key business integration project with banks, brokerage firms, product providers and financial data providers.

  • Managed to accomplish a successful IT & Security audit for obtaining the commencement letter from the TADAWUL (Saudi Stock Exchange) for the brokerage business.

  • Implemented a centralized operations process in conjunction with the regional head office to improve service.

  • Working closely with compliance team to ensure the adherence of operations policies & processes and mitigate the operational risks.

  • Managed KPI’s for entire operations team for the year 2009 and achieved all the targets.

  • Putted in place the SOP’s and work instructions for the back offices for a controlled and efficient transaction flow

Mar 2007 MAC Sharaf Securities UAE – Dubai, Manager Settlements

Dec 2008

  • Was responsible for custody/brokerage settlement issues for resolution

  • Reporting of sales (i.e. customer wise, RM wise & market wise)

  • Managed exception reports

  • Was responsible for periodic reconciliations

  • Dealt with Central depository Department for clearing and settlements of the markets.

  • MI Reports daily and weekly

  • Was responsible for margin reporting and calls

  • Was responsible for DIFX trade settlements and custody

  • Managed team of 5 members in settlement & ops

Achievements & Capabilities

  • Conducted UAT of different modules of FLEXCUBE, and also successfully Implemented Flexcube, IT – ABS and FT OMS (applications for Mutual Funds, DP’s and brokerage).

  • Conducted a comprehensive (UAT) for all modules of the upgraded version of Flexcube.

  • Capable to implement, handle & supervise capital guaranteed products, mutual funds, portfolios and brokerage solutions.

  • A thorough knowledge of stock market operations of Karachi Stock Market (KSE), Dubai Financial Market (DFM), TADAWUL and all other GCC markets.

Nationality - Pakistani

Date of birth - 17th February, 1983

Marital status - Married to Omani Spouse

Visa Status - Work permit
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