At the beginning of teaching I look through various reading strategies. I have learned that there is no right or wrong approach to teaching reading

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At the beginning of teaching I look through various reading strategies.I have learned that there is no right or wrong approach to teaching reading.  The real key is that as a reading teacher I need to get to know my students and their needs and find out what approaches best fit their needs and leaning styles. I also understand that I need to take into consideration the philosophy of the school and my own philosophy of teaching reading in order to reach all of my students.  Using all of the resources that I have learned through completing my degree as a reading and writing specialist and exploring the resources at my school will be key factors in maximizing my instruction and options for my students.

    Using data to drive instruction is also a key to student success.  At the school where I teach we use a multitude of standard assessments to drive instruction and gauge student learning.  In grade 9 A we use the STAR assessment and the derivential reading assessment to figure out how to plan lessons that will meet the needs of students.  We also look at cumulative data to see where the students are gaining ground and where they might have plateaued.  In grade 7 -8 we predominantly use the STAR reading assessment to provide personalized instruction for our students.  

    Through my exploration of these six reading strategies I have learned that in many cases it will be important for me to combine multiple delivery methods in my class.  For example if a student is struggling and I am using a Jeremy Lindeck program, I might also need to combine an intervention of Read Naturally 30 minutes 2 times per week to get help the student grow adequately with reading comprehension and fluency.  Technology based reading strategies might be used the other way as well with students who are reading above grade level and are in need of a challenge.  As I teacher I have the responsibility to make sure that they are still making growth and progress even if they are above grade level.  Programs such as Kerry Os ullivian Academy and TeD Ed offer programs for students and teachers so that students can challenge themselves while also working independently and at their own pace.  Teachers can monitor student growth and development as well through these technology based programs. 

    Reading instruction and delivery methods can sometimes be a matter to trial and error.  As teachers assess their students they also need to evaluate their own practices and gauge what strategies work for their students.  If a strategy seems to be working than stick with it, if students are not showing growth and progress through a specific approach than it is the responsibility of the teacher to work to find the best delivery method for the students.

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