Bulettin of the Volga State Academyof Water Transport №44 2015г. Section I actual problems of law and state

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Bulettin of the Volga State Academyof Water Transport №44 2015г.
Section I

Actual problems of law and state
Butchenko V.N., Nichiporenko V.N., Kruchinin M.V.

Theoretical aspects of rating vehicles water transport

Key words: Categorization, transport vehicles, categorization criteria, the act of unlawful interference.
In the article the analysis of a regulatory framework for establishing the category of vehicles based on the criteria of rating, as well as the feasibility of their application to ensure the protection of vehicles against acts of unlawful interference on water transport.
Korolev M.P., Pakhomova E.A.

Public execution of objects of copyright at the enterprises of transport branch

Keywords: copyright, collecting, use, public execution, RAO, transport
Article is devoted to a key problem of domestic copyright – protection of the rights of authors and owners when using objects of copyright at the enterprises of transport branch. Also foreign experience in this sphere is analysed.
Kruchinin M.V., Potapova N.N., Dolgachevа O.I.

Some of the issues of identifying and solving crimes in the sphere of fuel and energy complex

Keywords: theft, detect, crimes, fuel and energy complex, actions, law enforcement agencies, crime, information tech.
We consider the process of organization of the activity of law enforcement bodies aimed at identifying and solving crimes in the sphere of fuel and energy complex. The focus is on the algorithm of actions of the operational divisions in order to combat crime groups in the complex.
Loskot V.A., Kamova K.S.

Gaps in the legal regulation of contractual relations construction contracts in the Russian Federation

Key words: gaps, regulation, contractual relationships, construction contract
The article discusses the lack of legal regulation of relations on construction, imperfection of the Russian legislation in the sphere of construction and, as a consequence, the high cost of housing, increasing litigation, the impossibility of formation of civil society.
Sokolov S.A.

National and military security of Russia through the prism of the Basic law

Keywords: constitutional law; the Constitution of the Russian Federation; national security; military security. national and military security of Russia through the prism of the Basic law
The work is devoted to the consideration of the legal aspects of national and military security of the country through the prism of the substantive provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
Chikh N.V., Viskova K.A.

Legal basis of public-private partnership as a form state participation in investment projects in water transport

Keywords: public-private partnerships, investment, concession agreements, watercraft.
The article deals with the legal framework of the joint participation of the public sector and private investors in investment projects in water transport, biggest investment projects implemented with the use of public-private partnerships. Particular attention is paid to the concession agreement as one of the most promising forms of public-private partnerships
Elkinbard L.M., Girina T.S.

The intelligence cycle service corporate intelligence company

Keywords: The intelligence cycle, the corporate intelligence firm, corporate intelligence
In the article, for the first time in the domestic literature, devoted to the most difficult problems of organization of the corporate intelligence company
Section II

Waterways, ports and hydraulic engineering constructions
Voronina Y.E.

Position of the fairway in the shallows and changing flow rate after dredging works

Keywords: flow, recess bottom, location, erosion, flow direction.
The article discusses the features of the flow from dredging in the river. The studies to determine the best position of the recess in the river for self erosion. Tests have found the optimum angle of the recess in the river on the position of the flow
Matyugin M.A., Miltsyn D.A.

The modern devices and methods of measurement of water discharge in open waterways

Keywords: measurement of water discharge, hydrometry
The article provides the review of measurement of water discharge in open channels and natural waterways, and represents errors and disadvantages of their application.
Sazonov A.A., Dmitrieva K.O.

the results of the study of effective selection options configuration of polysaprobic

Key words: dredging, mathematical modeling, safety of navigation.
This article provides a brief analysis of the volume of dredging on the shoals in the area from the Votkinsk hydroelectric complex to Sarapul. The results of the studies of the structure of the flow of water flow of different options of designs poulsard for one of the portions of the White river.
Sitnov A.N., Kochkurova N.V.

Assessment of change of the bending moments in tongue-and-groove mooring embankments under various soil conditions

Key words: Tongue-and-groove embankments, the bending moment, corner of internal friction, one-anchor and two-anchor walls, soil of the basis and backfilling, the correlation analysis
In the article results of the research of the influence of soil conditions for the bending moments in one-anchor and two-anchor ferroconcrete quays are considered: physicomechanical characteristics of soil, soil of a backfilling and basis, provision of natural surface of the basis
Section III

Informatics, management systems, telecommunications
and radiolocation

Belykh V.N., Kinypina M.S., Shesterikova N.V.

Bifurcation of figure – eight homoclinic orbits in a family of lorenz type systems

Keywords: Lorenz type system, strange attractor, bifurcation

A general system with a symmetry is reduced to a normal form of Lorenz type system. Bifurcation of homoclinic orbits leading to the birth of countable number of cycles is proved.
Belykh V.N., Mordvinkina I.A.

Homoclinic Orbits Bifurcations Of One-And Two-Dimensional maps

Keywords: bifurcation, homoclinic orbit, attractors.
The paper analyzes the structure of the bifurcation set of unimodal maps based on the property of its self-similarity. We study the 1D and 2D maps arising in applications. Some features of the homoclinic orbit bifurcations for one-dimensional mapping is discussed. Theorems on the bifurcations of homoclinic curves are stated for 2D maps
Dementyev S.A., Gordyaskina T.V., Merzlyakov V.I.

About the organization of a regional system of vessel traffic in the vicinity of Gorodets – Nizhny Novgorod, Volga River

S.A. Dementyev, T.V. Gordyaskina, V.I. Merzlyakov

Key words: Ship traffic control system, radar station, radio relay communication

In this article proposes the idea of creating a regional system of ship traffic management on the basis of local dispatch centers near Gorodets - Nizhny Novgorod, which monitors the actual shipping situation of coastal radar system.
Kogan D.I., Pushkin A.M., Fedosenko Yu.S.

Informational means for maintenance strategy origination of production points located in one-dimensional working area

Keywords: scheduling theory, dimensional work area, dynamic programming, genetic algorithm, the synthesis of maintenance strategies.
The model of servicing stationary production points (objects) located in one-dimensional working area of moving processor is considered. The processor performs one-step service cycle, which begins and ends at the base point. For each object is given the required length of service, the early period of its beginning and the individual fines function. The bicriterial problem is studied where two minimized criteria are set – the total processor work time and overall penalty for all objects.
Perevezentsev S.V., Merzlyakov V.I.

The results of determining the location of a moving vessel, obtained in field trials with two spaced gps receivers. the estimation of the reliability of determining origin

Key words: satellite navigation systems, accuracy of vessel position localization
The results of determining the location of a moving vessel, obtained in field trials with two spaced GPS receivers. The estimation of the reliability of determining origin.
Perevezentsev S.V., Plyushchaev V.I., Polyakov I.S.

The stand development of collection and transfer to coast centers of technological and track information from vessels with using AIS

Key words: AIS, booth, monitoring
The article considers the possibility of using the stand of collection and transfer to coast centers of technological and track information from vessels with using AIS for training students and industry professionals the skills of design and operation perspective samples of marine information systems.
Sharygina N.K.

The mean number of molecular collisions with the stator before their hitting to the rotor

Key words: Rarefied gas, molecule, rotor, stator (cavity), probability.
In the present paper the mean number of collisions of molecules with vacuumized cylindrical cavity until their hitting to the cylindrical rotor is considered.

Section IV

Reliability and resource in transport engineering
Volkov I.A., Yablokov A.S., Volkov A.I.

Evaluation of the strength of the resource metal floating crane KPL 5-30, used standard life

Keywords: mechanical damaged environment-cycle fatigue, stress-strain state, the fatigue life
The paper proposes a model to calculate the distribution coefficient of sulfur dioxide between the air and hydrosphere with chemical reactions in the liquid phase, allowing to predict the behavior of impurities when changing physical and chemical composition of the hydrosphere as a result of anthropogenic activities.
Section V

Shipbuilding, ship repair, and ecological safety of the ship
Gorokhov M.S., Ronnov E.P.

Taking into account of technological details at substantiating the system of reinforced concrete framing

Keywords: reinforced concrete hull, intersection connections, framing, construction methods, labour requirements, quantity indicator, technological methods, expenditures, construction cost.
Analyzed in the article is the influence of structural technological parameters of a stationary vessel’s reinforced concrete hull to its construction cost. We suggest the calculation methodology of construction cost of a reinforced concrete hull taking into consideration the peculiarities of its structure and construction methods.
Zyablov O.K., Kochnev Y.A.

Review of current cad / cam / cae systems and the prospects of applications in the domestic ship repair company

Key words: ship repair, computer-aided design processes, graphical modeling, objects of repair.
The application of CAD/CAM/CAE systems in computer-aided design of technological processes of repair of ships.
Kochneva I.B.

Environmental risk management in the lifecycle of the ship

Key words: recycling of ships, ecological safety, Inventory of hazardous materials, Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships and European Union regulations on ship recycling.
The article describes the adverse events leading to damage to the main stages of the recycling ship, ship impact on the environment during the implementation of these adverse events are offered opportunities to manage environmental risk in the life cycle of the ship, by influencing the probability of adverse events resulting in damage and the direct consequences.
Lubimov V.I., Scheglova V.S., Pankratev A.V.

Analysis of trends and areas of use of the main types of high-speed transport ships

Keywords: passenger high-speed ship, hydrofoil, cushioncraft, vessel fir cavity, ground effect vehicle, architectural – constructor type, technical and operational characteristics, comparative analysis.
The article presents the analysis of the current state of development, construction and operation of the main types of domestic high-speed transport vessels. Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various type of high-speed ships, the prospects of their development and sphere of use.
Plotnikova V.N., Suckhareva D.S.

Description and analyze problem of «black carbon» emission from vessels in the Arctic region

Key words: Arctic, vessels, soot’s emission, emission estimation
Description the problem of «black carbon» (also known as soot) emissions on environment is given. In this paper was analyzed international legislation in the field of soot’s emissions problem. «Arctic council» is an international organization which deals with harmful substances in Arctic region. The one from other sources of black carbon are vessels. The quantitative calculation of «black carbon» from vessels for one ship’s engine type is given.
Ronnow E.P., Davydov S.V., Shmakov V.M.

The main provisions of the methodology for calculating the least freeboard

Keywords: minimum freeboard, the geometrical characteristics of the vessel, the sweep of deck, method of calculation, the amendments to the minimum freeboard.

The article deals with development of methods for determining minimum freeboard taking into account the geometric characteristics of the vessel. The procedure of normalization of the minimum freeboard for vessels in inland navigation.
Studnev S.V., Burmistrov E.G., Mikheeva T.A.

Justification of the choice of technology for cutting scrap ships, taking into account economic criteria and existing environmental restrictions

Keywords: sudorazdelka technology ship recycling, the cost cutting, economic criteria, economic impact, operating costs.
It outlines ways to improve technology sudorazdelki to reduce labor intensity and cost of the work, as well as improve safety in their conduct. These factors combine to determine the economic impact of sudorazdelki. The way of selecting the most optimal variant sudorazdelki technologies, taking into account the economic criteria, as well as the need to develop objective function to calculate the economic effect of cutting scrap ships, taking into account existing environmental restrictions.
Section VI

Philosophy. Society. Culture
Balakshin A.S.

Methodological bases of modern cultural policy

Keywords: culture, cultural policy, policy, society, system, method, essence, synergetic.
The analysis of methodological approaches which specify and open new understanding of the essence of cultural policy is given in the article.
Bogdanov D.V.

Modernization of modern information and communication technologies

Key words: modernization, information, communication technology, means of communica­tion, network.
The article investigates the principles of modernization of information and communication technologies, examines the impact of modern means of communication on society.
Vladimirov A.A., Zelenov L.А.

Operating level wage earners (new paradigm)

Key words: exploitation, private property, class, wage labor, the state, business, businessman.
This paper is an attempt to review the differentiated levels and social actors operating employees in modern Russia or forms of exploitation.
Zelenov L.А., Vladimirov A.A.

Dialectic of national and social

Key words: national, social, patriotism, internationalism, globalism, the measure of the human race, mentality, classes, humanism.
In this article from the standpoint of dialectical methodology examines the ratio of dividing people on ethnic and social grounds, and concludes that the national unity of the social status of workers under the formula of «unity of patriotism and internationalism.»
Tikhovodova A.V.

Relations between the state and civil society: an overview conceptual models

Keywords: civil society, government, authority, models of interaction between state and civil society, partnership, confrontation.
The article discusses the model of interaction between state and civil society developed in contemporary political science and social philosophy. The critical review of concepts proposed by both domestic and foreign researchers. The author's point of view on the problem of the relationship of government and civil society.
Shustova Y.V.

The largest geopoliticheskaya katastrofa centuries: philosophical, political and legal judgment etatists opposition of the beginning of 1990-x years

Keywords: geopolitical accident, etatizm, values, texts, political organizations, Basic law
Article is devoted to features of judgment of collapse of the USSR by representatives of etatists opposition in Russia. Philosophical, political and legal aspects of this problem are revealed. The conclusion is drawn on lines of similarity between views of opposition of the beginning of the 1990th years of collapse of the USSR and a position of the modern leadership of the Russian Federation.

Section VII

Philosophical, Socio-Pedagogical And Philological Sciences
Gordleeva I.Y., Tarnopolskaya T.I.

Integrated approach to teaching the discipline «Мechanic»

Кeywords: integrated approach to solving the problems of mechanics, robot-manipulator, support reactions, capsize, center of gravity, kinematic characteristics, dynamic properties, principle of D'Alembert, Lagrange equations of the second kind
The article considers integrated approach to solving problems in the course «Mechanics» on an example of robot-manipulator. This method allows students to understand the relationship between all sections of the course.
Kolobova S.A.

Civil education of youth in modern conditions of the russian modernization: search of the scientific paradigm

Keywords: pedagogics, civil education, modernization, paradigm
Article is devoted to a problem of civil education of the Russian youth in modern realities. Conclusions concerning specifics of use of interdisciplinary courses in the course of civil education are drawn. Specifics of influence of the integrated scientific knowledge on socialization of the younger generation of Russians are revealed.
Leushkin D.V., Ashmarina A.A., Baranova T.V.

Gto in the past and the present: social and pedagogical aspects

Keywords: sport, policy, the state, Is ready to work and defense (GTO), physical culture, history, traditions, competitions, badges, pedagogics
In article historical prerequisites of development of the GTO sports complex are considered. The author comparison the initial version of the GTO complex of 1931 with modern structure of a complex. The author emphasizes that mass sport is the main alternative to social problems of modern society.
Smirnova I.V.

Marine slang in Russian and English languages

Keywords: slang, marine slang, vocabulary, term, loanword.
The article carries out research of slang, its classification, and features of marine slang, slang function in Russian and in English.
Section VIII

Financial and accounting-analytical problems
of the modern economy

Zhigalovа N.E., Baranovа K.D., Lashkina T.V.

The mechanism of management of foreign economic complex of the region in terms of economic sanctions

Keywords: foreign economic activity, complex, region, sanctions, control mechanism

The article examines the foreign trade of the Nizhny Novgorod region, considers the motives of the FEA structure and mechanism of foreign economic activity in the region, assessed the factors influencing foreign economic activity of the territory, characterized by the impact of sanctions on the Nizhniy Novgorod market and proposes ways of increasing the intensity of foreign economic activity in the region.
Zhigalovа N.E., Vodianova S.A.

The efficiency of utilization of production resources enterprises water transport

Keywords: water transport, resource management, resource provision, efficacy, organizational – economic mechanism.
The article explores the role of inland water transport in modern conditions, discusses the problems of resource support of the industry, assesses the effective use of production resources of water transport enterprises of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, provides a mechanism for resource management.
Zhigalova N.E., Sotov A.N.

Organizational and economic problems of development of transport complex of the region

Keywords: transportation, transportation industry, issues, trends, region, increasing efficiency, improving. 
The article considers the essence and role of the transport complex in the decision socially-economic problems of the territories, the tendencies influencing modern transport complex organizational and economic problems of development of transport services, described the transport infrastructure Nor-Nizhny Novgorod oblast, identified the circumstances objectively limiting investment activity of the transport complex of the region, the main directions of increase of efficiency of functioning of the transport complex of the Nizhny Novgorod region.
Stukachev P.S.

The operating budgeting by the integrated into the «1C: Enterprise» software modules

Keywords: center for financial responsibility, budgeting, operating budgets, automation of financial accounting
Here we can see an example of automation of the budget management system of the organization with the help of special software. Here are some elements of method structure of financial accounting on the base of the program «1C: Enterprise».
Section IX

Economics, Logistics And Transport Management
Veselov G.V., Mineev V.I., Shishkina M.A.

Problems of increasing the competitiveness of the international transport corridor North-South-North

Key words: competitiveness, transport, international transport corridors, efficiency, water transport
The questions of increasing the efficiency of the shipping companies that organize transport within international transport corridors by increasing the capacity and cargo vehicles
Korshunov D.A., Nichiporouk A.O.

Topical issues of registration of the foreign trade transportation of goods by «river-sea» vessels

Кеу words: the foreign trade transportations, river-seа vessels
Problems and the directions of improvement of procedures of registration of the foreign trade transportation of goods by «river-sea» vessels, and also feature of a choice of the basic term of delivery from the point of view of determination of customs cost of goods are considered.
Platov A.Y., Platov Y.I., Molkin V.N.

On the possibility of industry valuation techniques efficiency of river transport

Keywords: rationing of fuel consumption, specific fuel consumtion, energy efficiency index, river transport
The article proposes a branch method of rationing energy efficiency for cargo ships of inland waterway transport. It is shown that MARPOL’s suggested energy efficiency indexes are inapplicable and incorrect for river transport. In addition, the article proposes to use the figure based on the measure of minimum specific fuel consumption instead of MARPOL’s indexes
Ponomarev E.V.

Investigation of the influence of modern conditions in international financial cooperation for the supply of cost-effective options organization of cargo transportation (for example Ltd «Logistics Bureau»)

Key words: transport’s economic, alternative types of delivery, to take decision in field of delivery, analysis of each step of delivery.
In present article was considered the influence of changing terms of financial interaction on deliveries’ process on the route Italy – Russia. The economic and time indicators were identified. As a result of present researches was founded adaptive version of logistics schemes regarding taking decisions type of delivery choice.
Yakovlev M.S.

Topicality and problems of project risk management in the oil industry

Keywords: risk management, control, oil industry, risk assessment, risk analysis, optimization, economic mechanism
The present article addresses the main causes of risk in the oil industry, determines the topicality of risk management, provides information about the performed researches in the field of risk assessment and management and suggests ways to improve the risk management system.
Section X

Operation Of Water Transport, Navigation
And Safety Of Navigation

Dobrovolsky V.S., Popov A.V.

Features of simulators for skippers in Inland Navigation

Keywords: Mathematical modeling, course management vessel, ship simulators, optimization.
The article describes the key features of the modern approach to the training of specialists – boatmasters, ship simulators. However, there are a number of features not-specific navigation in confined water area. We offer a way to take into account the necessary features and thereby optimize control.
Churin M.Y.

Calculating of dynamic squat for modern ships

Keywords: analysis, method calculation, dynamic squat, new approach, geometrical characteristics, bulb.
The article made a brief analysis of methodologies for calculating ship’s squat. It’s put the question of necessity to creation new approaches for definition the character and values of dynamic squats for modern ships, which are taken into account ship’s hall peculiarities and availability of bulb.
Section XI

Operation of ship power equipment
Korobko G.I., Lebedev V.V., Korobko I.G., Popov S.V.

Electric supply of shared craft load at ships with united electric power system

Key words: active compensator of harmonic, rowing electric station, variable rotation speed generator.
This article discusses the general ship electricity consumers in different modes of operation of the power grid vessel. The methods of providing high quality mains in the navigation mode, and optimal use of the power generator in the parking mode.
Popov S.V., Burda E.M.

Operation of autonomous power plant in parallel with the network at low voltage quality of the network

Keywords: gas-piston generator set, electric power, automation system, control system, synchronization
The article provides the rationale for the installation of Autonomous sources of electricity for a number of objects. The algorithm of efficient operation of the plant, working in the Autonomous mode and in parallel with the network is shown. There are explains of power distribution when generators operate in parallel with the network.
Sokolov V.V., Ivanychev K.N., Okhotnikov M.N., Bogatyrev V.V.

Programmable test bench for testing automotive starters

Keywords: starters, bench testing, data collection, processing and storage of information.
The construction of a digital part of the stand, which is designed to control the collection of information from the sensors, processing, storage and report generation
Stepanov K.S., Titov D.Yu., Bashev A.A.

Keywords: power supply, pulse, portable, electrophoresis.
The article discusses the design and operation of the power source for portable devices prolonged electrophoresis of medical substance.
Sugakov V.G.

Influence of asymmetry of three-phase feed-insystem on electric motors of alternating current

Keywords: asymmetry of the three-phase system of tensions, asymmetry on the module, asymmetry on a corner, symmetric constituents, moment of engine of alternating current.
The estimation of symmetric constituents of the three-phase asymmetry system of tensions and their influence isproduced in the moment of three-phase motors of alternating current.
Sukharev I.S.

Features of the definition of similarity criteria of gas-liquid mixtures flow of viscoplastic liquids

Keywords: The dredger, sapropel, aerator, viscoplastic liquid, gas-liquid flow, similarity criteria.
Creating a mathematical model of the flow is necessary to study the hydro transport of gas-liquid flow of sapropel-air mixture in the composition of the dredge’s soil pump installations. The most important condition for the construction of the experimental design is a challenge to identify the main factors of the two-phase viscoplastic liquid / gas system. For the optimal solution of the problem should be assessed significance of selected factors. The main factors and criteria of similarity dispersed liquid mixture viscoplastic fluid saturated gas bubbles are considered. The most important factors identified. Compiled factorial equation for constructing the plan of former experimental research.
Khvatov O.S., Burda E.M., Tarpanov I.A.

Unified electric power system with electric propulsion system on a wheel ship type «Sura»

Keywords: diesel generator, frequency converter, electric propulsion
The work of united electric power system on wheel ship PKS-40 is considered in the article. The possibility to ensure uniform distribution of the load on the generators and to improve the dynamic characteristics of the propulsion system without parallel operation of diesel generators is shown.

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