Business Meeting Minutes

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Association of Business Information Systems

Business Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2009

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  1. Welcome and Call to Order – Carla Barber

  2. Officers & Committee Reports:

    1. VP/Program Chair – Daniel Friesen reported the number of papers and presentations for the current conference and awards recipients (Outstanding Educator Award – Beverly Oswalt and the Distinguished Paper Award – Kimberly L. Merritt and K. David Smith).

    2. Secretary/Treasurer – Nansi Swartwout presented the minutes from the 2008 Business meeting. Nansi also presented a financial report update. The balance as of March 6, 2008 is $3,178.83. Both reports were moved to be accepted and the motion carried.

    3. Proceedings Editor – Carla J. Barber reporting for Gerald Plumlee that there were 15 papers by 37 authors for the proceedings. The cost of printing was $285.50.

    4. Journal Editor – Chynette Nealy reported there were 5 papers published in the journal.

    5. Past President / Nominating Committee – Chynette Nealy presented a slate of officers for the 2009-2010 academic year. The nominees are: President – Daniel Friesen, VP/Program Chair – Nansi Swartwout, Secretary/Treasurer – Roslyn Lisenby-Turner, Journal Editor – Chynette Nealy, Proceedings Editor – Gerald Plumlee, and Historian – Betty Kleen. There were no nominations from the floor, so the presented slate was accepted and approved.

  3. FBD Report – Betty Kleen

  4. Old Business – Carla Barber

    1. Free Room nights go to the current VP/Program Chair or the next in line if that person does not want them.

    2. Paying part of travel for Program Chair to attend boot camp.

      1. This item was tabled for further discussion.

    3. Involvement of officers in ABIS

      1. On Saturday of conference week, FBD has a final board meeting and the President and VP are encouraged to attend. We need a voice at these meetings in case of a vote. If either officer is unable to attend, a proxy is asked to attend in their place.

      2. Paper submissions – it was discussed what could be done to obtain more involvement with co-authors, perhaps mentoring a junior faculty member.

    4. Ideas to generate interest in ABIS

      1. Mentoring

      2. Sharing Call for Papers with other faculty in the college.

  5. Election and Installation of new officers.

  6. Incoming President Address – Daniel Friesen

  7. Appointment of chairs of the Nomination committee and Outstanding Educator committee – Carla Barber and Beverly Oswalt

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

Submitted by Nansi Swartout


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