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Minutes of the meetingMinutes of the meeting
The world has turned into a global village; new ideas and information are pouring in like a stream. It is, therefore, imperative to update our curricula regularly by introducing the recent developments in the relevant fields of knowledge. İan Benks
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Management planManagement plan
Erebuni State Reserve (hereafter – Reserve) was established in 1981 with the objective of conserving wild cereals, particularly genetic resources of more than hundred varieties of wild wheat and their natural habitat. İan Benks
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Dicţionar geografic enciclopedic mondial volumul II (B) prof. Dr. Andrei c. IndrieşDicţionar geografic enciclopedic mondial volumul II (B) prof. Dr. Andrei c. Indrieş
Baa. Localitate pe ţărmul nordic al insulei Roti (Indonezia), insulă situată la sv faţă de insula Timor. İan Benks
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Intro textIntro text
İan Benks
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Islamic Banks and Investment FinancingIslamic Banks and Investment Financing
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