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State of arizonaState of arizona
This attachment is to be completed for those who are interested in teaching, and have experience in Public Information and External Affairs. Successful applicants will be able to instruct the following fema courses. AZ-CERT
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Associate in Arts-A10100, Associate in Science-A10400, Nursing-A10300N, Associate in Fine Arts-A10200Associate in Arts-A10100, Associate in Science-A10400, Nursing-A10300N, Associate in Fine Arts-A10200
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Ic cert ApplicationIc cert Application
Item *ised company Number:   *upn number. AZ-CERT
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Az-fcc re-Certification ApplicationAz-fcc re-Certification Application
C telecommunications Relay Service (trs) requirements under 47 C. F. R. §64. 604 and §64. 606. A copy of this Public Notice and these mandatory requirements are attached as Appendix A. AZ-CERT
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Congratulations to the fy-15 hr cdr selectees!Congratulations to the fy-15 hr cdr selectees!
The Officer who has a combination of strong performance in demanding positions and who seeks out and achieves the items the hr community values will have the best opportunity for promotion and milestone selection. AZ-CERT
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Typing certificate instructionsTyping certificate instructions
Criminal Records Specialist, Police Communications Dispatcher and Public Safety Call-Taker require typing 40 net words per minute. Administrative Secretary requires 60 words per minute. Typing certificates may be obtained at the following. AZ-CERT
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Tenant’s estoppel certificateTenant’s estoppel certificate
County,, commonly known as and having a street address of and of which Tenant’s leased space (the “Premises”) is a part, as follows. AZ-CERT
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Section 232/223(f)Section 232/223(f)
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Letter of authorization for signatureLetter of authorization for signature
The applicant listed below hereby authorizes. AZ-CERT
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