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Press releasePress release
Wika has extended the range of its model 55 bimetal thermometer this proven measuring instrument is now available in a version that can withstand ambient temperatures down to -70 °C. Bimetal
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Press releasePress release
The new bimetal temperature switch, model tfs135, has been designed by wika for a wide range of applications. It is suitable for switching voltages of up to 50 V ac a and has a ul approval (cURus) for the North American market. Bimetal
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Bimetal klemensler (al-cu)Bimetal klemensler (al-cu)
Hat klemenslerinin tasarımları 2008 yılında, kendi bünyemizde yapılmıştır ve ürünler 14. 10. 01/Tse-12722 / Tse-12123/07. 01. 1997 belgelidir. 11. 03. 2009 tarihinde Altınsoy markalı belgemizi almış bulunmaktayız. Bimetal
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Manipulating Thermobimetals for Architectural UseManipulating Thermobimetals for Architectural Use
This system would enable the building to open up or close down, changing the airflow in the space. The technology, currently being researched and explored, is not yet ready to be implemented. Bimetal
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Bimetallic Actuators docxBimetallic Actuators docx
Bi-material actuators are devices that utilise the motion created from the heating or cooling of a bi-material strip to translate into work. This work can be used, for example, to flip a switch in a thermostat. Bimetal
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Press Release 31 March 2015 Achieve perfection every timePress Release 31 March 2015 Achieve perfection every time
Achieving the perfect hole very time has never been easier with the launch of the ProFit BiMetal Plus hole saw from Super Rod. Bimetal
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Let Buildings BreatheLet Buildings Breathe
Imagine how much one of those skyscrapers, then, with their thin, un-insulating windows that do nothing to expel heat, would need the air conditioning to keep everything inside functioning, including the people. Bimetal
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Specifying a bimetal thermometerSpecifying a bimetal thermometer
Save this file to your computer when finished filling out the form, then email to. Bimetal
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Střední škola a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky VolyněStřední škola a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Volyně
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Bimetal bearings limitedBimetal bearings limited
Proceedings of the 55th Annual General Meeting of the Share-holders of Bimetal Bearings Limited (cin: L29130TN1961plc004466) held on Friday the 22nd July 2016 at 10. 15 a m at Hotel New Woodlands, No. Bimetal
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Analysis of Asymmetrical Rolling Process for BimetalAnalysis of Asymmetrical Rolling Process for Bimetal
Oop(Object Oriented Programming) method, and simulating the technological process of asymmetrical rolling for bimetal flat sheet. Bimetal
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