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An Insatiable Kingpin of International Meme-LaunderingAn Insatiable Kingpin of International Meme-Laundering
Packet by Young Mukherstein (Jordan Brownstein, Eric Mukherjee, Will Nediger, and Jacob Reed). Coanna Hiffernan
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Bisb round 03. docxBisb round 03. docx
Written and edited by Mostafa Bhuiyan, Kunal Naik, Adam Silverman, and Brady Weiler. Coanna Hiffernan
91,14 Kb. 1
Voir le male en faceVoir le male en face
«Voilà ce que je voulais vous montrer, me dit Baudelaire, voilà le point de vue.» – Était-il assez bourgeois, hein ! Qu'est-ce que c'est que des points de vue ? Est-ce qu'il existe des points de vue ?1. Coanna Hiffernan
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Masarykova univerzita V brněMasarykova univerzita V brně
Graye. Možnost takovéhoto ovlivnění je přezkoumávána srovnáváním životopisů Wilda a Whistlera a dalších dostupných zdrojů a analýzou samotného textu románu. Coanna Hiffernan
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Vhsl regionals 2016-2017 Round 01 First Period, Fifteen TossupsVhsl regionals 2016-2017 Round 01 First Period, Fifteen Tossups
These two men meet a group of players who are rehearsing The Murder of Gonzago on their way to Elsinore. For 10 points, name these two supporting characters from Hamlet who "Are Dead" in the title of a Tom Stoppard play. Coanna Hiffernan
65,4 Kb. 1
Regionals Round 3Regionals Round 3
This city’s largest monument is a tomb for Khufu (koo-foo) and is the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World. For 10 points, name this Egyptian city home to the Great Sphinx and three Great Pyramids. Coanna Hiffernan
68,99 Kb. 1
Regionals Round 1Regionals Round 1
Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky. Notable examples of this phenomenon include the “big character posters” of Maoist China and the broadcasts of Joseph Goebbels (gur-bulz) in Nazi Germany. Coanna Hiffernan
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Rave packet 7Rave packet 7
Set written and edited by current and former students of Rockford Auburn High School. Coanna Hiffernan
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Terrapin Invitational Tournament XXIITerrapin Invitational Tournament XXII
Catholic League. Seeing the massacre of most of Tilly's forces and preceding Lutzen and Lech, ftp, identify this 1631 clash which marked the rise of Gustavus Adolphus and the opening of the Swedish phase of the Thirty Years War. Coanna Hiffernan
46,46 Kb. 1
Acf fall 2006 Tossups by Harvard a and Illinois bAcf fall 2006 Tossups by Harvard a and Illinois b
Known for that esterification, ftp name this chemist perhaps most famous for depicting complex sugars with straight backbones and 90° bond angles in his eponymous projections. Coanna Hiffernan
47,95 Kb. 1
Punset, Eduardo El viaje al amor [R1]Punset, Eduardo El viaje al amor [R1]
A las bacterias, gusanos, ratones y primates que nos han descubierto los secretos del amor de los humanos. Coanna Hiffernan
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Academic Competition FederationAcademic Competition Federation
Hindu state of Majapahit. The most powerful state founded at this location was called Mataram and was eventually divided into Surakarta and Jogjakarta. Coanna Hiffernan
60,64 Kb. 1
Outline for- realist quandaries: posing professional and proprietary models in the 1860’s- susan WallerOutline for- realist quandaries: posing professional and proprietary models in the 1860’s- susan Waller
Both illustrate a dual shift in the artist model transaction- from the artist who directs the model’s staged performance to one who captures a casual gesture, and from the professional to the non-specialist or lay model. Coanna Hiffernan
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