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Supplementary informationSupplementary information
Latitude and longitude (decimal degrees) refer to the spatial coordinates where the profile was made. When they were not available, the spatial coordinates of the center of the study site are indicated. Fiord
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Artist in the wilderness applicationArtist in the wilderness application
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Dan H. Shugar, Ph. DDan H. Shugar, Ph. D
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Earth & Space Sciences, University of Washington, wa. Fiord
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American englishAmerican english
Tenemos el agrado de dirigirnos a usted para solicitar información sobre la enseñanza de ingles norteamericano para ejecutivos. Fiord
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The Tooth ThrallThe Tooth Thrall
All the young of my herds, lambs and calves and colts, that have been born since this baby was born I this day give to him. I also give to him this thrall, Olaf. These are my tooth-gifts to my son. Fiord
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Cave science vol 18, NoCave science vol 18, No
All Noroldahkvarri caves were still in their untouched, pristine state, whilst rjr shows signs of travel due to the intense attention the system has received during the past 20 years since its discovery. Fiord
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Milford Sound, New ZealandMilford Sound, New Zealand
Sound, New Zealand – As the Milford Mariner pulled away from the pier, I found myself alone with 300 of my newest close friends. Captain Grant, an amiable fellow of about 40. Fiord
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