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Auditor General (Department of)Auditor General (Department of)
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General Assignment Application to Assign FormGeneral Assignment Application to Assign Form
Submission of an Application for Assignment does not grant any authority to the Assignee to occupy the lands until approval has been given by the department. General
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Auditing General and Application ControlsAuditing General and Application Controls
Journal/Past-Issues/2002/Volume-5/Pages/Auditing-General-and-Application-Controls aspx. General
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Part a general details for all applicationsPart a general details for all applications
This form asks for general applicant details and a description of the proposed project and any associated activities. The completed form must be submitted together with relevant activity specific Part b forms. General
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Schedule 1: General Order FormSchedule 1: General Order Form
Total Amount Payable” box in Item 11, then the Parties may use a shortened version of the General Order Form and any Module Order Form. General
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General law landGeneral law land
October 862 which has not since been brought under the operation of the Transfer of Land Act (tla). All land alienated since October 1862 is under the tla (Torrens title) system. General
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General Safety RegulationsGeneral Safety Regulations
The Minister of Manpower has, in terms of section 5 of the Machinery and Occupational Safety Act, 1983 (Act of 1983) made the regulations contained in the Schedule hereto. General
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General Definition of SupplyGeneral Definition of Supply
Supplies that are used by multiple departments should be coded to Administrative supplies. Some examples: catheters are coded to Direct Care because Direct Care staff use those supplies. General
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Repealed by Act No 5 of 2004Repealed by Act No 5 of 2004
There shall be a Paymaster-General, who shall be subordinate to the Treasury, and through whom the Treasury shall control the issue of money to the several Ministries and departments of the Government in such manner as shall be prescribed. General
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General pathogenesisGeneral pathogenesis
This sets the sequence of changes in the body for each disease; identify causal relationships between the different structural, metabolic and functional changes. General
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