Psixologiya George Ritzer

The McDonaldization of Society: George Ritzer SociologyThe McDonaldization of Society: George Ritzer Sociology
It is not about McDonald’s itself, but rather how the principles of the fast food industry have come to dominate all parts of American society and the rest of the world. George Ritzer
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Globalleşmeye Karşı Glokalleşme Prof. Dr. Nazif GürdoğanGloballeşmeye Karşı Glokalleşme Prof. Dr. Nazif Gürdoğan
Fabrikalar üretimi, süpermarketler de tüketimi kitleselleştirdi. Tüketim kültürünün kutlu ülkesi: Amerika. Gösteriş yarışı, Hollywood'dan bütün dünyaya ihraç ediliyor. Amerika rasyonel üreten, buna karşılık irrasyonel tüketimlerin ülkesi. George Ritzer
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St. Francis Xavier University Department of Sociology 302: Topics in Contemporary TheorySt. Francis Xavier University Department of Sociology 302: Topics in Contemporary Theory
Book Review of: George Ritzer, The McDonaldization of Society Los Angeles: Pine Forge Press, 2011. George Ritzer
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Vita: marietta morrisseyVita: marietta morrissey
Acting Associate Dean for the Natural Sciences and Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Toledo. George Ritzer
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History and foundations of sociological theoryHistory and foundations of sociological theory
Durkheim, Marx and Weber. Contemporary theoretical perspectives on structural-functionalism, gender and racial inequality and postmodernism are also explored. George Ritzer
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Rethinking Globalization: Glocalization/Grobalization and Something/NothingRethinking Globalization: Glocalization/Grobalization and Something/Nothing
The substantive focus will be on consumption and all of the examples will be drawn from it. 3 However, the implications of this analysis extend far beyond that realm, or even the economy more generally. George Ritzer
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Food and Culture 4551WAFood and Culture 4551WA
Students are expected to undertake, and reflect upon, independent research into contemporary food issues. This year’s research theme is “Dairy Radicalism.” Our group focus will be on a specific project: “The Politics of Milk in the North. George Ritzer
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Curriculum vitae cynthia Fabrizio PelakCurriculum vitae cynthia Fabrizio Pelak
Cynthia Fabrizio Pelak. Forthcoming. “Remembering and Reclaiming the Genius of Beah Richards’ a black Woman Speaks… of White Womanhood, of White Supremacy, of Peace” Race, Gender and Class. George Ritzer
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Sociology 1Sociology 1
Major sociological perspectives will provide an orientation for gaining critical awareness of social issues in contemporary society. George Ritzer
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