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The 2nd International Symposium On The Calcium Sensing Receptor Omni Hotel, San Diego, usaThe 2nd International Symposium On The Calcium Sensing Receptor Omni Hotel, San Diego, usa
Oral presentations will be selected from the top scoring abstracts submitted to the conference for an additional 5-minute slide presentation preceding the poster viewing. Masafumi
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The 2nd International Symposium On The Calcium-sensing ReceptorThe 2nd International Symposium On The Calcium-sensing Receptor
Gerda Breitwieser (Weis Center for Research, usa): Physiological Implications of Calcium-sensing Receptor Trafficking as a Regulator of Signaling. Masafumi
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Conditions for appliyingConditions for appliying
National Agriculture Research Institute and registered in a recognized university in the region, in a field of agricultural studies relevant to icarda’s mandate and with direct relevance to the applicant’s work. Masafumi
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Professional ResumeProfessional Resume
Video and image classification and retrieval, feature extraction and pattern discovery on multi-media and graphs, multi-media correlation discovery and data mining, machine learning methods for biomedical images and bioinformatics. Masafumi
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Mrs proceedings templateMrs proceedings template
Atps deserves Plausible Real-World Modeling for the Structure and Function of Living Cells. Masafumi
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醫學系邀請日本北風政史部長Professor Masafumi Kitakaze於3月15日(一)早上9-10時來本校演講,講題為\"The Road to Physician Scientist\"。醫學系邀請日本北風政史部長Professor Masafumi Kitakaze於3月15日(一)早上9-10時來本校演講,講題為"The Road to Physician Scientist"。
Professor Masafumi Kitakaze於3月15日(一)早上9-10時來本校演講,講題為“The Road to Physician Scientist”。. Masafumi
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UoN explores sustainable development for AfricaUoN explores sustainable development for Africa
The University of Nairobi in collaboration with the University of Tokyo is engaged in two programmes that are addressing sustainable development issues in Africa. Masafumi
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