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Books with more than one recommendation have asterisks (*)Books with more than one recommendation have asterisks (*)
Books with more than one recommendation have asterisks (*). The top two most recommended are Design with Nature and a sand County Almanac. Two books rank as the third most recommended. Maykl Spens
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Curriculum Vitae: Dagmar SternadCurriculum Vitae: Dagmar Sternad
Movement Science and English Linguistics / Literature, Technical University of Munich, Germany. Maykl Spens
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Luigi SnozziLuigi Snozzi
Peter Reed, Alvar Aalto between humanism and metalism, The museum of Modern Art, New York, 1998. Maykl Spens
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Bibliografie peisagisticăBibliografie peisagistică
Marielle Hucliez – Contemporary Parks and Gardens in France / Vilo Publishing2000. Maykl Spens
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Pracownia architektury wnętrz wykład: (4h/t) 4 semPracownia architektury wnętrz wykład: (4h/t) 4 sem
It is increasingly common to follow a more formal course of education in the fields of technical education and engineering. Such fields are rooted in the eighteenth century Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees and continued in the Ecole. Maykl Spens
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Ijtm/ijcee page templatev2Ijtm/ijcee page templatev2
Designing Creative Frameworks: Design Thinking as an Engine for New Facilitation Approaches. Maykl Spens
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Archigram. Contemporary arts center, art tower mito (ed) Archigram-Experimental Architecture 1961-1974. Maykl Spens
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Patricia johanson resumePatricia johanson resume
Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility and Petaluma Wetlands Park, Petaluma California, 2001. Maykl Spens
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From the headmasterFrom the headmaster
As I reflect on my time as Headmaster of Fettes College, something that never ceases. Maykl Spens
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