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MedlinePlus for Health ProfessionalsMedlinePlus for Health Professionals
MedlinePlus offers resources to educate patients and their families on their disease or condition. MedlinePlus
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MedlinePlus Connect: Planning for Clinical Coding System ChangesMedlinePlus Connect: Planning for Clinical Coding System Changes
Stephanie Dennis, Technical Information Specialist, Reference and Web Services, Public Service Division. MedlinePlus
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Home �� Ann ⚙ HelpHome �� Ann ⚙ Help
Ems workers join police, fire personnel still struggling with health problems, study finds. MedlinePlus
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Website EvaluationWebsite Evaluation
If Intermountain Healthcare has this listed as the site for resources over all the others, I feel it is worth evaluating. I will evaluate the site for accuracy, credibility, appearance and usability, currency and financial cost. MedlinePlus
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Name: Date: Period: Station #1 SkullName: Date: Period: Station #1 Skull
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It is a select list, not comprehensive. The descriptions of these sites are drawn primarily from the sites themselves. Their order here follows that of the presentation. MedlinePlus
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MedlinePlus: the National Library of MedicineMedlinePlus: the National Library of Medicine
This article describes the development of MedlinePlus--its quality control processes, the integration of nlm and nih information, nlm’s relationship to other institutions, the technical and staffing infrastructures. MedlinePlus
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Medlineplus ActivityMedlineplus Activity
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MedlinePlus Search TipsMedlinePlus Search Tips
Plus, type a word or phrase into the search box. Click the “Search MedlinePlus” button or press the “Enter” button on your keyboard. The results page shows your first 10 matches. MedlinePlus
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Webcast HandoutWebcast Handout
This resource includes over 800 health topics, an encyclopedia, dictionary, drug information, several directories, and current news items. MedlinePlus includes information in English and Spanish, with some materials in 44 other languages. MedlinePlus
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