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Russia 110224 Basic Political DevelopmentsRussia 110224 Basic Political Developments
Year of Spain in Russia. Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov who heads the Russian part of the intergovernmental economic cooperation commission noted that Russia was interested in high technologies which Spain develops in various fields from railway transport. Nikolay Dmitriyev
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Russia 111130 Basic Political DevelopmentsRussia 111130 Basic Political Developments
British embassy in Iran as “unacceptable and deserving condemnation.” Russia is “expressing support for the British diplomats,” the ministry said in a statement. Nikolay Dmitriyev
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Table of contents address of yessentuki mayorTable of contents address of yessentuki mayor
Yessentuki is the resort of federal importance, considered the largest and popular drinking and balneological resort of our country. The Yessentuki mineral springs are international standards of healing hydrochloric alkaline waters. Nikolay Dmitriyev
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Russia 090310 Basic Political Developments Russia, Hungary pms to discuss energy coop\Russia 090310 Basic Political Developments Russia, Hungary pms to discuss energy coop'n, gas issues
Baghdad to ask Moscow to write off remainder of debt Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki is to ask Russia to write off the remainder of the country's debt to Moscow during a visit to the Russian capital in April. Nikolay Dmitriyev
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Russia 090423 Basic Political DevelopmentsRussia 090423 Basic Political Developments
Rt: Russian fm seeks to mediate Korean nuclear issue. Nikolay Dmitriyev
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