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Phone 9817 3936 abn no: 88 791 813 415Phone 9817 3936 abn no: 88 791 813 415
Stayman (if it comes to the worst and North bids , South plans to pass and they will be in a 4-3 fit). When North shows no major South decides that they therefore should have a club fit and bids 3. North, with clubs and an extra hcp. Ralf Staynman
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National christianNational christian
The Board of Directors is sensitive to the desire of the sponsoring foundations, sports groups, or other individuals or bodies with a genuine interest in the awards process. Thus, deference is practiced in all committee selections. Ralf Staynman
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Office addressOffice address
My research deals with the cognitive and affective mechanisms underlying customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction, and the resulting market behavior. Ralf Staynman
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Ifta summer Study TourIfta summer Study Tour
Eric Brown- orchard Dale 1992 Apple Planting System Trial, High Tunnel Raspberries, Spray Building. Ralf Staynman
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Afton Mountain HoneyAfton Mountain Honey
Produce grass-fed, naturally raised lamb for the freezer, specializing in milk-fed baby lamb from dairy ewes. We welcome visitors — please call first. Home deliveries — please contact us for details. Ralf Staynman
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Melbourne Contract Bridge CentreMelbourne Contract Bridge Centre
With 6 hcp, let us suppose that North has 15 hcp, that totals 31 hcp – leaving hcp divided between North, West, and South. Ralf Staynman
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Cox Orange Pippins Ribston Pippin Seedling,cCox Orange Pippins Ribston Pippin Seedling,c
Victorian England. It has an attractive 'pearmain' shape. This is a fairly dry apple which is perhaps not regarded as a desirable attribute today. Ralf Staynman
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Book of remembranceBook of remembrance
Ralf Staynman
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