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Ágrip af Nóregskonungas†gumÁgrip af Nóregskonungas†gum
Scandinavia. In Matthew Driscoll’s edition, first published in 1995, the Old Norse text is presented with a facing English translation, full introduction. Snorri Sturluson
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Section : Handouts Item 2: Chapter SummarySection : Handouts Item 2: Chapter Summary
Stone Age farmers, humans developed new means of producing goods and new methods of survival. Fire and agriculture were key in the prehistoric people's attempt to establish permanent residences. Snorri Sturluson
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Odin and YmirOdin and Ymir
Edda, as translated by Anthony Faulkes. Sturluson lived in Iceland from 1179 to 1241, and he apparently composed the Edda as a compilation of traditional stories and verse. Snorri Sturluson
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Germ 148: Germanic Mythology, Religion, and FolkloreGerm 148: Germanic Mythology, Religion, and Folklore
Snorri Sturluson
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Department of english studies special topic reading listDepartment of english studies special topic reading list
Sigurd the dragon-slayer and analogous stories as preserved chiefly in Old Norse but also in Old English and German works. Snorri Sturluson
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Saga of Harald Hardrada by Snorri SturlusonSaga of Harald Hardrada by Snorri Sturluson
King Harald; and thus he subdued the country wherever he came. Then the king proceeded south along the land, and brought up at Hellornes, where there came a force that had been assembled to oppose him, with which he had a battle. Snorri Sturluson
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Snorri SturlusonSnorri Sturluson
Af hverju drógu Haukdælir nafn sitt og hvernig náðu þeir miklum áhrifum? (Bls. 8 og 9). Snorri Sturluson
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Snorri Sturluson í framtíðinniSnorri Sturluson í framtíðinni
Lýstu deginum hjá Snorra, ritaðu hvað kom honum á óvart, hvernig allt kom honum fyrir sjónir, hvað hann gat heimfært yfir á sinn tíma og hvað hann hafði aldrei í lífinu gert áður. Snorri Sturluson
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Snorri (enska)Snorri (enska)
The Fellowships are granted to writers, translators and scholars (not to university students) in the field of humanities from outside Iceland, to enable them to stay in Iceland for a period of at least three months. Snorri Sturluson
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