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Chapter 12: Biological ApproachesChapter 12: Biological Approaches
Phineas Gage’s story suggests that there are links between functioning and personality functioning. Temperament
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Infant Temperament Styles Easy TemperamentInfant Temperament Styles Easy Temperament
When they are hungry or are experiencing some other form of discomfort, they usually react mildly. When babies with easy temperaments are fussy, they are usually able to find ways to soothe or calm themselves down. Temperament
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Why is temperament important?Why is temperament important?
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Obsahové CíleObsahové Cíle
Vysvětlit, proč je každý člověk jedinečný, rozlišit 4 typy povah/temperamentu dle Hippokrata. Temperament
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Temperament checklistTemperament checklist
On each scale below, place a mark to indicate your estimate of where your child/children, you, and your spouse are on that scale. Use the following key: you = X, your spouse = √, firstborn child = 1, second-born child = 2, etc. Temperament
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Define temperaments : general patterns of behavior and mood, expressed in many ways, develop into personality traitsDefine temperaments : general patterns of behavior and mood, expressed in many ways, develop into personality traits
Many personality researchers have identified general inherited dispositions called temperaments. Temperament develop from childhood into adult personality traits. Temperament
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Pojem je odvozen z latinského slova temperamentum = náležitý, vzájemný poměr částí. V současné psychologii se používá pro označení souhrnu individuálních zvláštností osobnosti. Temperament
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Temperament skitsTemperament skits
When I start to talk about activity level this person can be running around in the background. First going by with a skipping rope then a basketball, then a catcher’s mitt. Temperament
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Temperament TraitsTemperament Traits
Completing this chart may give you some insight on family personalities and relationships between family members. You may find two members that are alike and perhaps clash at times. Temperament
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Early TemperamentEarly Temperament
Temperament refers to a person’s inborn patterns of behavior in their reactions to stress or new situations. Consider (youth) during his/her first 5 years of life.”. Temperament
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Are the adaptability requirements made on the worker by specific types of jobs.”. Temperament
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Give yourself a temperament testGive yourself a temperament test
Relax, get in a quiet place, and read the entire test before making any markings. Temperament
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