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Tornado/Severe WeatherTornado/Severe Weather
A backup signal will be three short blasts on a portable air horn, and bull horn announcements in the hallways by Principal. Tornado
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It will never happen to meIt will never happen to me
Therefore, everyone needs to know the importance of taking severe weather and tornado warnings seriously due to the fact that tornadoes can occur anywhere there is severe weather. Tornado
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Tornado Fact SheetTornado Fact Sheet
Tornadoes are violently rotating columns of air with circulation that reaches the ground. Tornadoes usually start as a funnel cloud and are accompanied by a loud, roaring noise. Tornadoes. Tornado
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Statewide tornado drill media toolkitStatewide tornado drill media toolkit
With Michigan’s Severe Weather Awareness Week from April 10-16, emergency management partners statewide are encouraging Michiganders to conduct a statewide tornado drill at 1: 30 p m. Edt on Wednesday, April 13. Tornado
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Tornado ipgTornado ipg
Tornadoes involve cyclonic high winds with the potential to generate damaging hail and rain. They can develop during severe thunderstorms and typically have durations of minutes to hours. Tornado
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Tornado and Hurricane webquestTornado and Hurricane webquest
Tornadoes" icon. Be sure the number "1" is dark gray then read the information in the gray box about tornadoes. Tornado
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Name: Hr.: Date: DueName: Hr.: Date: Due
Where are tornadoes most likely to occur? Draw in and color Tornado Alley and other common areas. Then answer the questions on the lines below. Tornado
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Grade Level: 3 Strand: Understanding Matter and Energy TopicGrade Level: 3 Strand: Understanding Matter and Energy Topic
Specific Expectations: Describe how different forces (e g., magnetism, muscular force, gravitational force, friction) applied to an object at rest can cause the object to start, stop, attract, repel, or change direction. Tornado
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Tornado ScenarioTornado Scenario
H hour: Your county has been under a Tornado Watch for the past 30 minutes. The watch is scheduled to continue for another hour. Your school has a small group of students that are scheduled to depart for an academic competition being hosted at. Tornado
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Tornado Sheltering ProcedureTornado Sheltering Procedure
The Village of Downers Grove will sound the warning siren. The emergency notification system will announce the warning in all buildings. Please see below the buildings and locations to seek shelter. Tornado
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Purpose: Tornadoes can occur at any time of the day or night and in almost any month of the yearPurpose: Tornadoes can occur at any time of the day or night and in almost any month of the year
Tornadoes do their destructive work through the combined action of strong rotary winds, flying debris, and the partial vacuum in their center. The purpose of this procedure is to provide information to staff and customers on what to do in case of a. Tornado
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Community Tornado SheltersCommunity Tornado Shelters
It does not address specific design criteria to meet fema 361 requirements; the actual design should be accomplished by a qualified professional A&E. Items addressed below are excerpts from fema 361. Tornado
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Fire Evacuation PlanFire Evacuation Plan
The key to an effective tornado response plan for your place of worship is a having an effective way to receive timely weather and warning information and b having an organized approach to sheltering in place the occupants of a facility when the facility faces. Tornado
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