Colorado Food & Agriculture Gift Guide

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Colorado Food & Agriculture Gift Guide

Updated on 11/8/17

Season’s Eatings! Thank you for considering a Colorado food or beverage gift pack. Whether you 

are shopping for family, friends or clients, this directory will help you fi nd a company that offers 

the perfect gift for your needs. Please contact companies directly for additional information or to 

place an order.

If you would like to list your company please complete the listing form and return.



Sauce, Spreads


and Desserts

Corporate Gifts



Gift Baskets

Meat, Cheese, 

Poultry, Fish


Mixes, Spices, 


Non-Food Gifts

Listing Form


A la Carte Gifts & Baskets, LLC

Cindy Kent

910 16th St., Suite 312

Denver, CO 80202

(303) 454-8844


Celebrating our 22nd year of “Thinking Outside the Basket”! Ordering your next gift is just a 

phone call or e-mail away. Order on-line at if you prefer. We’re just 

like you - we’re busy and we like nice things. That’s why we are proud to be here to serve you! 

Specializing in Colorado made products.   


AC Golden Brewing Company

Glenn Knippenberg

PO Box 4030 - BC530

Golden, CO  80401

(303) 277-3126

Colorado Native Lagers are the only lagers brewed with 100% Colorado ingredients: barley grown 

in the San Luis Valley, Colorado-grown hops, Rocky Mountain water and the oldest variety of 

brewing yeast in the state. The majority of the barley and hops used to brew other Colorado beers 

comes from out-of-state. By using only Colorado-grown barley and hops we are supporting the 

Colorado agriculture community. We do not ship brewing ingredients into the state. Our bottles 

are made in Wheat Ridge, our cans are made in Golden and we do not sell our beer outside the 

state: this adds up to a smaller carbon footprint and a great tasting all Colorado beer.


Boca Java

7295 N. Washington St.

Denver, CO  80229

(888) 262-2528

A delicious selection of gourmet coffee gifts along with tea and cocoa. Our gift boxes come ready 

to give and come with everything you need to make the perfect cup.


CopperMuse Distillery

Jason Hevelone

244 N. College Ave.

Fort Collins, CO  80524

(970) 999-6016

CopperMuse Distillery hand-crafts distinctive taste experiences that push outside classical 

boundaries of mainstream, corporate spirit producers. Our artisan vodkas, rums, whiskeys and 

liqueurs are honed to meet the fl avor and sensory preferences of our craft-loving customers. 

People rave about the lively and welcoming experience when they visit our distillery and adjoining 

restaurant. We offer free tours to learn more about the distilling process and how CopperMuse 

spirits are made. Special Holiday gift baskets (Bloody Mary, Mule, Gold ‘n’ Stormy or Martini) and 

bottles of our award-winning spirits are available for sale at the distillery. We also have an on-line 

store on our website for various merchandise, branded clothing, and gift cards. Unleash Your 

Muse this holiday season!


Honey House Distillery

Brett Rosenbaugh

33633 Hwy. 550, Suite A

Durango, CO  81301\

(970) 247-1474

Hand crafted, Small batch Honey Spirits using Honeyville Mountain Wildfl ower Honey. Honey 

House Distillery Distills: Colorado Honey Whiskey, Cinnamon Honey Whiskey, HEX Vodka, and 

Red Cliffs Spiced Rum. Honey House Distillery also produces and sells a variety of mixers in 

collaberation with Honeyville Colorado.



Brett Rosenbaugh

33633 Hwy. 550

Durango, CO  81301

(970) 247-1474

Hand crafted, small batch Mountain Wildfl ower honey, jams, jellies, whipped honeys, sauces and  

drink mixes.


Kingman Estates Winery

Stephanie Newby

(720) 560-7270

Kingman Estates Winery was started by Doug & Karen Kingman, a dream, 10 acres and a barn 

in the Grand Valley of the Colorado River, near Palisade. We are a boutique winery looking to 

elevate the presence and awareness of Colorado Wine. “We proudly serve our fi ne  Colorado 

wines in 750 ml bottles for a small get together, 3 Liter boxes for a group gathering and 5 gallon 

kegs for a big affair! For locations or more information please contact   


Made In Colorado, Inc.

Roberta Poirier

4840 W. 29th Avenue

Denver, CO  80212

(303) 447-7343

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