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Established in 1995, BCS is a leading firm in providing Compliance services. With office workers in Argentina and Uruguay, our company offers specialized assistance in the specific areas of Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism financing (AML); Regulatory Compliance, Corruption, and International exchange agreement on TAX Information in Latinamerica.
The company counts with a team of professionals with a solid and extended background in the region and we assist our clients to design, implement and supervise compliance programs based on the best international practices and regulatory requirements.
Our clients are banks, financial companies, international organizations, participants in the gaming industry, money exchange houses, broker-dealers, insurance companies, factoring companies, investment funds, and trust managers, among others.


Our products and services designed to support clients in their efforts to have effective AML Programs to prevent them from the risk of non-compliance with laws and regulations, mitigating their legal, reputational and financial risk. We cover local and international regulatory requirements (e.g. BSA) as applicable, applying international best practices.
In the last few years we have performed more than 300 assessments of financial institutions, trust companies, money exchange houses, financial services companies, brokerage firms, and offshore corporate entities. Our reviews are accepted by financial institutions and regulatory bodies of different countries and may be tailor made to the particular needs of each client. BCS has been approved as an AML Auditor by the Central Bank of Uruguay.
BCS can assist in providing the following services:
Risk Profiling

• Design or up-grading of AML Programs

• Policies and Procedures Manuals

• Co-sourcing compliance function

• Investigations and Remediation of compliance lapsus

• Customer´s, Basic and Enhanced, Due Diligence (KYC, EDD)

• Registration and maintainance with FINCEN (USA´s Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera)

Training, presential and remote (e-learning)

Reports , AML Compliance Testing
Our services include:
• Performance of an impact analysis to determine aplicability.

• Policy and Procedures manuals.

• Training, presential and remote (e-learning).

• Customer base remediation .

• FATCA/OCDE maintainance .
Regulatory Compliance
We support our clientes to address and manage Compliance Risk, providing assistance in the implementation of new regulations an the preparation and supervision of implementation plans.
We asses the effectivenes of the internal control environment through the review of policies and procedures, management organization structure and the execution of compliance tests. We provide our clients with a independent opinion on compliance, identifying lapsus, control weaknesses and recomendations for improvement.
Yüklə 8,59 Kb.

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