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atents Form 2

Patents Act 1977 (Rule 76(3), 89(1), 98(3))
Initiation of proceedings before the Comptroller
(See the notes on the back of this form. You can also get

a leaflet from the Office explaining the use of this form)

1 Your reference


2 Patent application or patent number(s)

to which the proceedings relate

If none, write “NONE”


3 Full name of the or of each patent applicant

or proprietor (if known)


4 Name, address and postcode of all those initiating proceedings


Patents ADP number (if you know it)


5 Relevant legal provision(s)

(see notes (d) & (e))


6 Name of your agent (if you have one)


“Address for service” in the European Economic Area or Channel Islands to which all correspondence should be sent (see note (f))

(including the postcode)


Patents ADP number (if you know it)


7 Signature(s) Date      

8 Name, e-mail address, telephone, fax and /or

mobile number, if any, of a contact point


a) If you need help to fill in this form or you have any questions, please contact the Office on 0300 300 2000

b) Write your answers in capital letters using black ink or you may type them.
c) If there is not enough space for all the relevant details on any part of this form, please continue on a separate sheet of paper and write “see continuation sheet” in the relevant part(s) of the form. Any continuation sheets should be attached to this form.
d) This form may be used to initiate proceedings under the following provisions
i) Patents Act 1977 sections 8(1)(a), 8(1)(b), 10, 11(5), 12(1)(a), 12(1)(b), 12(4), 13(3), 37(1)(a), 37(1)(b), 37(1)(c), 38(5), 40(1), 40(2), 41(8), 46(3)(a), 46(3)(b), 47(3), 48(1)(a), 48(1)(b), 48(1)(c), 50A(2), 51(1), 52(2)(a),61(3), 71(1), 72(1).
ii) Patents Rules 2007 rule 10(2), rule 88(1), rule 98(3), paragraph 7(4) of Schedule 1.
iii) Compulsory Licensing Regulation Articles 5(c), 6(1), 10(8), 16(1), 16(4).
e) You may use this form to initiate proceedings under more than one provision and/or in respect of more than one invention, patent application or patent, as long as the same cause of action is involved. In this case, you need to pay only one fee, if a fee is required.
f) Although you may have an address for service in the Channel Islands, any agent you appoint to act for you must reside in or have a place of business in the European Economic Area or Isle of Man.
g) You must file this form in duplicate.
h) You must file two copies of a statement or joint statement under the relevant rule at the same time as you file the form. However, if you are starting proceedings under section 46(3) and you are not the patent proprietor, you should instead file two copies of the draft licence that you propose should be granted (see rule 89).
i) Once the form has been filled in, it needs to be signed and dated. Unless you are professionally represented, all those initiating proceedings need to sign the form.
j) For details of fees and ways to pay, please contact the Office.
Data Privacy:

(REV MAY18) Intellectual Property Office is an operating name of the Patent Office Patents Form 2

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