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Course (adults)
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residential interior design level 3

interior design courses 2015-2016

This intermediate course run by professional interior designers is particularly aimed at students who have completed the Residential Interior Design Level 2 course with Full Circle Design FZLLC. If you have not completed this course, you need to have some knowledge of scaled drawings and materials selection. Through the sessions, the students will further develop their skills, enthusiasm and flair for Interior Design by producing more detailed drawings and presentations. The main aim of the course is that students review the ground floor plan of large villa and focus on the kitchen, bathroom and children’s bedroom design in particular. For their final project, they must focus on two of these rooms.

Entry requirements:

  1. Residential Interior Design Level 2 course from Full Circle Design FZLLC or equivalent certificate or diploma elsewhere.

  2. AutoCAD level 1 preferred from Full Circle Design FZLLC or equivalent but not essential.

Topic 1

  • Review of GF Villa Plan. Discussion on the project.

  • Kitchen layout plans, colours and styles

  • Kitchen terminology-part 1

  • Activity: Sample design of the villa’s main kitchen

Topic 2

  • Kitchen appliances, technology and innovation

  • Kitchen materials, finishes and suppliers

  • Kitchen terminology-part 2

  • Activity: Sample design of the villa’s secondary kitchen

Topic 3

  • Bathroom layout plans and styles

  • Bathroom sanitary ware, showers, furniture, taps &fittings

  • Bathroom terminology, materials, finishes and suppliers

  • Activity: Sample design of the villa’s main en-suite bathroom

Topic 4

  • Children’s bedroom layout plans

  • Ideas for nurseries, toddlers, 6-12 years, teens

  • Furniture, flooring, wall finishes, lighting & suppliers

  • Activity: Sample design of the villa’s main child’s bedroom

Topic 5

Project Presentation and Feedback.

The best project receives a Gift Voucher worth AED 470 for an interior décor workshop with Full Circle Design FZLLC!
Completion Letter: If students successfully complete the final course project, they will receive a ‘Letter of Completion’ Certificate from Full Circle Design FZLLC which is a useful starting point into a new career of Interior Design or Decoration.
Diploma: If students successfully complete 6 or more courses with Full Circle Design FZLLC, they will receive a graded Diploma from Full Circle Design FZLLC. To maximize their grade, it is recommended that they demonstrate competency in residential/commercial/ professional design and Computer Aided Design (CAD).If you qualify, please ask for the application form and submit it at least 10 days in advance to Sharon at to ensure that your Diploma is ready on time.
materials needed: same as level 2
to register: please contact our administrator, Kirstie, by mail or telephone 04-4449567 or 052-4221670 or mail Sharon on
notes: Min. 6 students/max. 18. Payment by cash or cheque (payable to Full Circle Design FZLLC) only to Sharon directly at Ductac or online by Pay Pal Places available on a first-come-first-served basis. Bookings (with 100% payment) must be made at least 10 days prior to the course commencing. Also, check out our facebook page to see samples of students’ work:


next dates:

Sept.9th-Oct.14th2015 9.25am-1pm-every Wed. only x 5 wks excluding Sept. 23rd (scd)

Oct.21st- Nov. 18th 2015 9.25am-1pm-every Wed. only x 5 wks (scd)

Nov. 21st-Dec.19th 2015 2pm-5.35pm-every Sat. only x 5 wks (kn)

Jan. 13th-Feb. 10th 2016 9.25am-1pm-every Wed. only x 5 wks (scd)

April 13th-May 11th 2016 9.25am-1pm-every Wed. only x 5 wks (scd)

May 21st-June 18th 2016 9.25am-1pm -every Sat. only x 5 wks (kn)

May 18th –June 15th 2016 9.25am-1pm-every Wed. only x 5 wks (scd)

cost (AED):


start time:
see above

end time:
see above



material fee:


age: adults
enrolment: course

tutors: sharon conneely-donaldson (scd) and kelley norman (kn)

tutor profile: sharon conneely-donaldson

Sharon is the Creative Director of Full Circle Design FZLLC ( which provides full interior design solutions for residential and commercial interiors, in addition to training courses/workshops. She has over 20 years teaching experience and is very student- centred getting the absolute best from each one through her unique techniques! Sharon studied Arts and Education at University College Dublin and Interior Design at Griffith University College Dublin Ireland. She holds professional membership with the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and the Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID).

She has lived and worked in the UAE for 18 years. She has completed many high profile residential, retail, hospitality and commercial projects in Mizhar, Al Barsha, Arabian Ranches, Silicon Oasis, Dubai Mall, Palm Island, Dubai Internet City and Hyatt Regency Hotel. As a designer, Sharon is a regular contributor to local magazines such as ‘What’s On’,’ Better Homes’,’ Aquarius’, ‘Gulf News’ and has appeared on the Dubai One TV ‘Out & About’ programme.

In addition, she also hosts décor demonstrations for ‘Crate & Barrel’. Sharon is also available for private interior design commissions, please contact her directly regarding your requirements. In her free time, Sharon likes to read, exercise, entertain friends, play with her mischievous cat Misha and travel off the beaten track as much as possible.

tutor profile: kelley norman

Kelley hails from Canada and has 18 years interior design experience, 8 years of those in the Middle East including experience at management level. She has a wealth of experience specializing in Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Residential, Healthcare and FF&E consultancy. She has completed an extensive number of exciting projects in Canada, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi, Oman and Qatar and continues to learn and grow her expertise with every new challenge.

Kelley has taught both interior design and AutoCAD in Canada, prior to moving to Dubai. Her enthusiasm is well-apparent and she has a wonderful rapport with her students, inspiring and guiding them to find their strengths and develop their skills. Kelley is also a qualified TESOL instructor and enjoys volunteering to various charitable organizations in her free time.

Other interests include traveling, checking out new design trends in Dubai's many home/ garden shops and Skype calling with her family and friends around the world.

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