Cowboy Bebop to Beautiful Loser

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Cowboy Bebop to Beautiful Loser

Raj Ramayya – Big In Japan – Bay Area-Based
June 21, 2018Marin County, CA - Indo-Canadian Raj Ramayya may not be a household Rock Star name to a wide swath of the American populace, but to Japanese music fans and ardent stateside aficionados of Japanese Anime, he’s an admired, revered, and respected singer and songwriter, as well as film, television and video game soundtrack composer.
Raj’s gift for composition, melody and captivating hooks, combined with a voice so alluring his fans have exclaimed, “I want to marry it and have its babies,” makes him one of the most – if not only – in-demand music composer on the Tokyo music scene who resides in Marin.
Raj is the instantly recognizable vocalist on classic Anime theme songs, “Ask DNA,” from the legendary Cowboy Bebop, “Strangers” from Wolf’s Rain, and “Heroes Never Die” from the video game Biohazard, to name only a few. Other credits attributed to his ‘pipes’ include the Japanese hit single, “Strawberry Rainbow,” one of the fastest selling download singles on iTunes Japan, from dance duo, Studio Apartment. Raj also co-wrote and sings the theme song to the hit Japanese animated program, The World of Golden Eggs – which has sold over 1 million DVD copies in Japan – and he recently co-wrote and sung three theme songs for Little Charo, a smash Japanese children’s program, in where he also appears as a voice actor, as he’s also fluent in Japanese, for the lead character, Duma.
When not composing for the next “Big Thing in Japan” animated epic, television commercial jingles for corporate clients Sony, Honda, Nissan, Sapporo, Toshiba and Ashai to name only a few, or making personal appearances at numerous Anime festivals throughout the United States, where’s he’s greeted as Rock Star Royalty, Raj is one half of The Beautiful Losers, an all original San Francisco Bay Area-based Pop/Rock outfit, with longtime songwriting partner and guitarist, Brett Boyd.
Brett, also a respected and sought-after songwriter for Japanese multi-million seller punk rock icons like Ken Yokoyama and Hi Standard, and Raj formed The Beautiful Losers in Japan in 2001, and recently released their third full-length CD release, Four Corners of a Tiny Planet.
The Beautiful Losers, who will be performing throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in November and December, have relentlessly toured and performed in support of major acts, such as Coldplay, Indigo Girls, and Matt Nathanson, and enjoy high-profile song placements in MTV reality programs including Real Life Stories, Two-A-Days, and Parental Control.
And Raj guarantees, “Count on hearing some of your classic Anime theme song favorites.”
The Beautiful Losers’ Confirmed Fall and Winter 2010 Show Dates are below. For more info, Raj’s future Anime Fan Festival appearances, and additional show, video and music info from The Beautiful Losers, please visit:
The Beautiful Losers Live:

  • November 5, 2010 – Starry Plough, Berkeley -

  • November 12 – Bollywood Café, San Francisco -

  • November 27 – Café Royale, San Francisco -

  • December 4 – Hotel Utah, San Francisco -

  • December 10 – Borders Books and Music – San Mateo -

  • December 11 – Borders Books and Music – Alameda –

  • December 17 – Union Room – Independent Distribution Collective’s Holiday Showcase -

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