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MARLON CV NO. 167598

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To apply my skills and knowledge in my area of expertise to achieve the goals of the organization.Work with complete sincerity and to the best of my ability in a way that would benefit the organisation as well as my self improvement.

Work Experience:

Working with “KCAL HEALTHY FASTFOOD LLC., located at DIP, Dubai UAE from May 10, 2013 until present with the designation of “FOOD PACKER”.

Job Profile:

Generating and reviewing Packing List.

Sealing containers.

Mark and Label container or products.

Remove completed and defective products or items.

Scanning Bags.

Loading Products into preferred bags.

Assist the Packaging Supervisor as and when needed.

Working with “SANDUGO SANDALS COMPANY, located at Tarlac City, Philippines from June 12, 2012 until March 15, 2013 as a STORE EXECUTIVE.

Job Profile:

Checking of products before packing.

Handling Inventories.

Maintaining proper records.

Reports damages and discrepancies for accounting & record keeping purposes.

Performs Warehousing operations.

Special Skills & Strength:

Computer Literate, Familiar with MS Office.

Goal Oriented / Sales Oriented Person.

Can understand, demonstrate & communicate succinctly direct to the clients.

Team player, hospitable and Industry experienced.

Telecommunication and Selling.

Educational Qualification:

Level School/College/

University Year Graduated

Primary Lara, Elementary School April 02, 2004

Secondary GEI Private School March 22, 2008

Tertiary Inter world College of Science & Technology


Attended Trainings and Seminars:

ICSTF Business Etiquette.

Defensive Driving Training.

2011 Law Enforcement and Traffic Management Seminar.

Supreme Student Government Training Program.

Introduction to Basic Fire Managing Training.

2010 Police Ethics and Code of Conducts Seminar.

Seminar for Social Theories of Crime.

First Aid and Water Survival Training.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth : February 03, 1992

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Married

Nationality : Philippines

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