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Curriculum Vita

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Education Qualification

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering – University of Technology - Baghdad College – 1982.

Experience Summary;

17 years experience in building construction (13 years in UAE ), 8 years as a site engineer and project manager in various companies .

  • 03 – 2011 for completed villas in Dubai

  • 2010 Euro tech contracting company – Dubai, completing all construction & finished building works

  • 2009 Al Sama building metallic – Sharjah

  • 2005 – 2008 Euro Gulf scaffolding British company, the job includes calculation of the dead load & live load of concrete slab building to design the scaffolding to use with contracting company to supply the material by rent or sale & supervisor fitting in the site.

  • In Jumairah – palm: supervisor to complete section works of drainage pipe system with Euro Gulf company subcontractor and AL KHDRA company .

  • Sharjah airport hotel change to Royal Hospital - sheik Fusil Al Qasimie , the job included variation of works like adding VIP sections & change more construction parts according to requirements of hospital also add electricity power room .

  • 1998 – 2004 site engineer & project manager with Al Andalus construction company - Sharjah

Construction duties site

Estimate the quantity of construction material involved the excavation m3 , Pcc m2 or m3, Rcc m3 , solid block foundation m2 , hollow block m2 , plaster cement m2 ,floors m2, paints m2 , all finishing works doors windows, electric materials, mep works , , to prepare the tender amount . survey the land to fixing the demarcation limit of layout yard as for as of municipality works to check the center lines and all RCC works . study all the sets of the drawings to discuss with consultant about design of building , follow all the works in the sit according to the drawings with the foreman and the labors, check the quality of materials with consultant and owner which suitable for use, all survey works . .


Practical Experience in Iraq including central A/C 15 tan and seprate unit and window type and all type of freeze 13 Experience.

Experience Details

  • Euro tech contracting company - Dubai

  • Position : project manager

  • Period : 2010

  • Estimate the construction material to sing with the owner,

  • Construction works G +1 villa – Mizhar one – Dubai in executive process.

  • Construction & finishing works of mosque 600 prayers – Al wyrqah 3 - Dubai

  • Al Sama building metallic

  • Position : DM

  • Period : 2009

  1. Mohamed bin Rashid castle Jumerah- Dubai , the job involved the steel structure works , to cover HB steel column & beams hall by gypsum decoration of castle .

  2. Estimate construction & finishing works material for various projects like finishing works in G+1 Sharjah airport accommodation .

Jabil Ali airport, we work with SSC subcontractor company to repair the sandwich panel roof for the shads was damage by high wind with AED 45 / m2 without .

Euro Gulf Scaffolding L.L.C

Position : Chief engineer

Period : From May 2005

Projects involve; :

According to study of construction drawing of theater concert slab with (11m heightx30cm thickness ) completed design of scaffolding and supervisor the fiting the scaffolding for slab have slop & approve with consultant , New World School –AL Qusais - Dubai

  • Survey the building of AL Dewan Al merry dome have 17 meter height & 8 meter diameter for sheik Sultan Al Qasimi – Sharjah to repair the interior cracks & repaint the dome .

  • More than 300 projects completed on various construction works like glass fix for Natozy show room furniture – Dubai design the scaffolding slab like Villas, buildings , mosques.

  • Completed new section & plat form steel for drainage pipe system storage size12m/Lx12m/Wx6m height to fix fresh air duct under the slab with AL- jumirah palm - Dubai.

  • Completed constriction works of Hot Dip galvanizing tank with 7 process to prepare the steel part for zinc galvanizing , the field involved the concrete foundation base , fixing insulation silicon sheet & fire resistance brick FRB to avoid the heating effect on concrete wall follow the photo dawn, specification of steel tank is GR 75 Ms, 40 mm thickness zinc metal galvanizing have 900 c for steel shift .

Insulation by fire brick of Galvanizing tank cup lock scaffolding system of slab

1998 - 2004 Andalusia Construction Company – sharjah

1998 - completed construction works G+1 Villa 4oo m2 (Al Shahaba - sharjah

  • 1999- completed first class finishing works G+1 villa 1200 m2 (Al Sewhat -Sharjah)

  • completed construction works G+1 labors accommodation 15 rooms Industrial area no 10 – Sharjah

  • 2000 – completed 16 trading shops (Abler and Abhor Rolla – Sharjah).

  • 2002 - completed steel structure radiator factory Industrial area no 10

in Sharjah

  • 2002 - Maintenance works G+13 building , all finish works and services (Abu Shagarah – Sharjah )

  • 2003 - completed construction works for Mosque 578 prayers including Imam house ,ablution , in front of Abu shagarah park – Sharjah.

Projects in lraq

  • 1994 -1995 Completed G+3 salt production factory and four glazing elevations administration and enterer roads with drainage system of chicken factory , completed store shads with sandwich panels roof for ( Bunya Groups Awereeg – Baghdad ) .

  • 1990 – 1993 completed sleeping soldiers courts with services parts for storage materials, safety concrete for fly road sides and roads and of Al Hbaneah Aircraft Military Base .

  • 1987 - 1990 civil engineer to completed drainage pipe system in Baghdad Air Port and few roads in Baghdad involved the survey the slob level of piping drainage and fitting the pipe. Completed with MIDMAQCompany

  • 1985 – 1987 residence engineer ,completed Handicaps welfare project with sports club as well as restaurant capacity for 125 persons in the south of Iraq – Al Nasreiah

  • 1983 – 1985 Military Directorate Baghdad – member of the committee , civil engineer to inspection what construction works contractor completed and reported , discussion the tender estimation construction works with the contractors to expense the payments . .

Important Remarks

  • Valid driving license

  • English Language.

  • Computer.

  • Transferable residence visa.

  • All the original documents and references are available upon request.

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