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CV Writing Skills

What is a CV?

It takes time to produce a good CV and it should always be kept up to date.

A Curriculum Vitae (usually called a CV) shows what you have done with your life so far - your education, training, work experience and skills in a nutshell.

The aim of the CV is to present positive information about you in a way that makes the employer want to meet you

CV Rules

Who will read it? - What are they looking for? Be brief and to the point, bullet points and lists for skills rather than long sentences.

Tell it like it is! - Say who you are, what you’re doing now and what skills this has given you, what qualifications you have achieved and at what level.

What have you done?! - Make sure your work history highlights your suitability for the job, if your job title was vague say what the job actually was.

Be proud of achievements - explain the jobs in terms of what you have achieved. Don’t pad! Don’t add things just for the sake of it.

Set it out well -Keep it to two sides of A4, don’t drop the font size to cram more in - just be selective with what you include. Space the content well and leave plenty of white space around the text.

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