Directions to Eastwood Hall

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Directions to Eastwood Hall
Mansfield Road, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England, NG16 3SS

Tel: 01773 532 532
Whether travelling by air, rail or car, Eastwood Hall is easy to reach – 10 miles from Nottingham city, 17 miles from East Midlands Airport and just five minutes away from junction 26 of the M1.
Satellite navigation coordinates: 53.024716, – 1.310766 (post code NG16 3SS)
By Car

From junction 26, the M1 Northbound

From Junction 27, M1 Southbound

  • Leave the M1 at junction 27 and turn right onto A608 signed for Heanor and Underwood

  • Follow this road along until you reach a junction where you will see the Underwood Miner’s Welfare Club opposite

  • Turn left onto the B600 and then turn right onto Cordy Lane signposted for Eastwood, Nottingham and the A608

  • Follow the road through Brinsley, still heading for Nottingham and you will enter Eastwood

  • Eastwood Hall is on your right

From Nottingham City Centre

  • Join the A609, then turn onto the A6514 and then right onto the A610

  • Follow this road until you reach a turning for Eastwood, turning right on the B6010

  • Carry straight onto Alfreton Road (this is just one straight road, following signs for the A610 all the time), this then becomes Nuthall Road

  • You will come to Nuthall Roundabout and the Gateway Hotel is on your right

  • Take the second exit and carry straight on until you come to a second roundabout

  • Take the second exit again signposted A610 and Ripley

  • Follow this road and leave it at the next junction signed Eastwood and DH Lawrence’s birthplace

  • At the roundabout, take the third exit signed for Eastwood

  • Follow the road and stay in the left-hand lane, bearing left at the traffic lights onto Mansfield Road

  • The entrance to Eastwood Hall is on your left

Parking is extensive and free for guests of the hotel, conference venue and leisure club.

By Rail

  • Eastwood Hall is 2 miles and 10 minutes’ drive from Langley Mill rail station, with direct links to Nottingham rail station

  • Nottingham rail station is 20 minutes’ drive

  • Nottingham rail station has regular connections to Birmingham and London St. Pancras

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