Edg and AliEn in Prague Dagmar Adamova

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EDG and AliEn in Prague

  • Dagmar Adamova

  • INP Rez near Prague

Institutions participating in these Grid activities

  • Inside the HEP community

  • Institute of Physics (FZU) -> Division of Elementary Particle Physics

  • Institute of Nuclear Physics in Rez near Prague (INP)

  • Charles University

  • Outside the HEP community

  • The CESNET association - the Czech NREN operator and developer : EDG WP1 , WP6

  • Suprecomputer centers in Prague (Czech Technical University), Brno ( Masaryk University ) and in Plzen ( West Bohemia University) joined within the project MetaCenter : EDG WP6

The people involved from FZU and INP

  • Milos Lokajicek, Division of Elementary Particle Physics at FZU: deputy of Czech Republic in the EDG WP6 project & in the Grid Deployment Board of LCG project

  • Jiri Kuhn, FZU: installation of the EDG software

  • Jan Svec, FZU: PC farm administrator

  • Jiri Kosina, FZU: PC farm administrator

  • Andrej Kugler, INP: MOSIX installations

  • Dagmar Adamova, INP: testing edg, installing/testing alien

  • . . . . .

  • Jiri Chudoba, . . . . : alien, ALICE PPR production jobs

Institute of Physics AS CR (FZU)

  • Contribution to HEP experiments in close collaboration with INP AS Rez , Charles University and Czech Technical University

    • ATLAS, ALICE, H1, D0, Auger
  • Computing equipment: 64 nodes PC farm, unix servers, Linux PCs

  • Network -sitting on the 1 Gbps link connecting the FZU with the PASNET (Prague Academic and Scientific Network ) --> CESNET -> GEANT

  • Ready to join the DataGrid testbed

The PC farm at the FZU (1)

  • golias.farm.particle.cz

  • 32 dual PIII 1.2GHz, 1 GB RAM, 18 GB SCSI HDD, Gbit Ethernet rack servers

  • Mass storage disc array 1TB: HP server TC4100, 256MB RAM, 15x73 GB SCSI HDD

  • 10 TB tape drive unit

  • SW - RH7.2 on all nodes

  • PBS batch queing system

The PC farm at the FZU (2)

  • EDG v. 1.4.3 installed on the golias server

    • UI, CE, SE, RC ...
    • Submitting jobs into testbed OK
    • Not yet recognized by the testbed, must issue dg-job-submit -r golias.farm.particle.cz job.jdl
  • AliEn installed on golias by Jiri Chudoba without root privileges

  • Version 1.3 of GENIUS installed by Roberto Barbera & Alberto Falzone in December last year, now v. 2.2.0 in the process of installation

  • Quite a number of aliroot PPR production jobs run on the farm by Jiri

  • Involved in the LCG (GDB) project

The PC farm at the FZU (3)

  • The future plans:

  • Continue the DataGrid and LCG activities

  • Support for D0, ATLAS, ALICE computations

  • Expand the mass storage disc space with another 6 TB

  • StarLight project: optical connection to Amsterodam 2.5 Gb/s

  • Arrange for a dedicated new room for the farm, where also two PC farms of the CESNET association will be installed

  • Become a Tier-2 center for ATLAS (ALICE?)

The CESNET association

  • Stands for Czech Educational and Scientific NETwork

  • Czech NREN provider

  • R&D on advanced network technologies and applications

  • Internet2 international partner

  • Participant of the GEANT project

  • . . . . . .

  • http://www.ces.net/about/


  • Subcontractor in EDG project

  • CESNET and FZU in Prague collaborate in the WP6 project of EDG

  • CESNET CA provides PKI services for the Czech academic community (activity within WP6 project)

  • Member of WP1 : development and implemention of the logging and bookkeeping services and of the services taking care of security requirements within the work management system

A PC farm provided by CESNET

  • CESNET is providing their PC farm connected to the 1.2Gbps backbone in frame of the collaboration with FZU in WP6

  • The configuration

    • 16 + 1 dual processor nodes : PIII at 700 MHz, 1 GB memory, 9 GB HDD
    • running Debian 2.2 Linux
    • PBS batch system
  • Farm is mostly used for D0 MC production

  • Two nodes used for testing Grid software

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