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EnCase Forensic v7 introduces features and capabilities designed with one clear 

objective: increase the examiners efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve this 

objective a new workflow-driven approach to forensics has been incorporated into 

EnCase Forensic v7. With this new workflow, examiners can automate common tasks, 

complete comprehensive searches, identify relevant items, and create compelling 

reports faster than ever before. This approach can be easily adapted to conform 

to any organization’s need. This is a revolutionary change that will transform how 

forensic investigations are completed.

EnCase Forensic v7’s New Approach to Digital Forensics:

Acquire Evidence: The key to acquiring forensically sound evidence is the method 

used to capture it. With EnCase Forensic, examiners can be confident the integrity of the 

evidence will not be compromised. All evidence captured with EnCase Forensic is stored in 

the court accepted EnCase evidence file formats. These formats (EO1 and L01) are widely 

held as the de facto standard forensically sound evidence containers. In version 7, the 

new evidence files (Ex01 and Lx01) can now be encrypted directly within EnCase Forensic, 

adding another level of security to the most trusted evidence file format in the industry.

Process Evidence: As the amount of evidence in each case increases, examiners 

need speedy, reliable processing capabilities in order to complete their investigations 

efficiently. In v7, the EnCase Evidence Processor gives examiners the ability to 

automate common tasks required to prepare the collected evidence for the 

investigation. This highly configurable processing engine can be tailored to meet 

any examiners needs. By adding custom EnScripts to the processor, examiners can 

eliminate the need to review EnScript results separately. Now, the result of those 

invaluable EnScripts can be indexed allowing for unified search and review of all 

evidence from one, easy to use interface.

Perform Deep Forensic Analysis: EnCase Forensic is known for its ability to 

uncover evidence that may go unnoticed if analyzed with other solutions. With 

version 7, this deep forensic analysis ability has been improved yet again. EnCase now 

supports analysis of EXT4 and HFSX file systems, Office 2010 files, Checkpoint/Pointsec 

encrypted drives, and iOS physical images. In addition to this expanded support, email 

investigations take a significant step forward with v7. The new email investigation platform 

makes performing email investigations as easy as reviewing emails in an inbox. With a 

streamlined interface and features enabling email conversation and related message 

analysis, examiners can perform succinct email investigations faster than ever before.

Compile Findings: A completed case is only as good as its final report. In v7 the 

reporting capabilities take a quantum leap forward. Using customizable templates, 

examiners can create compelling, easy to read, professional reports for every case. With 

easily configurable reporting capabilities, examiners can craft templates for any type of 

case, audience, and purpose. Once configured, these templates can be used for any case, 

ensuring the quality of reports can be consistent across an examiners entire caseload.

Archive Case: To ensure examiners have everything they need when a case needs to 

be reviewed in the future, EnCase Forensic v7 has a built in archiving capability. When 

a case is completed, the examiner can, with just a few clicks, archive the evidence, 

findings, and reports associated with the case, ensuring everything remains intact. 




Features and Functionality














About Guidance Software

At Guidance, we exist to turn chaos and the unknown into order and the known—so that companies and their customers can go about their daily lives as usual without 

worry or disruption, knowing their most valuable information is safe and secure. Makers of EnCase®, the gold standard in digital investigations and endpoint data security, 

Guidance provides a mission-critical foundation of applications that have been deployed on an estimated 25 million endpoints and work in concert with other leading 

enterprise technologies from companies such as Cisco, Intel, Box, Dropbox, Blue Coat Systems, and LogRhythm. Our field-tested and court-proven solutions are used with 

confidence by more than 70 of the Fortune 100 and hundreds of agencies worldwide. Get to know us at guidancesoftware.com.

Guidance Software®, EnCase®, EnScript®, EnCE™, EnCEP™, Linked Review™, EnPoint™ and Tableau™ are trademarks owned by Guidance Software and may not be used without prior 

written permission. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

EnCase Forensic v7 Features at a Glance


Smartphone and Tablet support: Acquire data from devices 

running the following operating systems


Apple’s iOS


Google’s Android™ OS


Rim’s Blackberry™ OS


HP’s Palm™ OS


Nokia Symbian


Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS

Native Encryption support: Encrypt evidence files directly in 

EnCase Forensic v7, using AES-256 strength encryption

Improved Evidence File Format: The new and improved Ex01 

and Lx01 file formats, built on the trusted E01 and L01 formats, 

bring increased performance and optimized data management 



EnCase Evidence Processor:


Automate common tasks 

associated with preparing evidence for investigation, includes: 


Recover Folders


File Signature Analysis


Protected File Analysis


Hash Analysis (MD5 and SHA-1)


Expand compound files


Find Email (PST, NSF, DBX, EDB, AOL, MBOX)


Find Internet Artifacts (IE, Firefox, Safari)


Search for Keywords



EnScript Module Processing: v7 incorporates the following 

modules by default in the processor



System Info Parser


IM Parser (AOL, MSN, Yahoo)


File Carver


Personal Information (CC, Phone Numbers, Email, SSN)


Windows Event Log Parser


Windows Artifact Parser


Unix Login


Linux Syslog Parser

Custom EnScript Module Processing: Add custom EnScripts into 

the EnCase Evidence Processor

New Indexing Engine: Optimized for the forensic examiners 

needs with robust query language.


Deep Forensic Analysis 

New Supported Files: The following new file systems and 

file types are supported







Microsoft Office 2010


iOS Physical Images (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

New Encryption Support: Now supporting Checkpoint/Pointsec 

Full Disk Encryption. Existing encryption product support updated.

New E-Mail Investigation Platform: Email investigations are now as 

easy as reading email in an inbox. Added capabilities to review e-mail 

conversations and related messaged to uncover context and identify 

all individuals related to the case. 

Tagging: Create custom tags and apply to any file, including hash 

records, to enable easy export of files for review by others.


Unified Search: Now search across the entire case from one easy 

to use, flexible, and powerful search interface. Incorporate the index, 

keyword search results, and tags into a single search. 



Customizable Templates: Create custom report templates for 

consistent reporting for every case. 

Formatting: Choose formatting for each section of the report, 

tailoring the representation of finding to meet the audiences needs.

Easy Export Options: Save reports in any of the following formats: 




RTF (opens in Microsoft Office) 







Built-In Smartphone Report: Predefined Smartphone report, 

displaying detailed information about the evidence acquired from a 

Smartdevice. Report includes ability to export KML data.

Version 7 of EnCase Forensic represents a step change in the art and science of digital forensics. Here are just a few of the major improvements 

and new capabilities examiners will see in EnCase Forensic v7.

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