Faculty Senate Agenda – Thursday, September 4, 2003 – President’s Room 11: 00 am

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Faculty Senate Minutes – December 1, 2003 – President’s Room 3:00 pm

Present: Abby Midthun, Jim Dew, Kerry Gregoryk, Martin Kelly, Curt Hill, Val Christensen, Lee Kruger, Beth Klingenstein, Margaret Dahlberg, Don Mugan, Jane Hammer, Kathryn Holleque, Dale Hoskisson

  1. Approval of minutes – Marin Kelly moved, Curt Hill seconded, to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

  2. Short reports - none

  3. Curriculum – “VERY LAST” curriculum changes:

    1. Social Science Composite BA,BS,BS in Ed program

    2. Change course: ECON 350 Finance

    3. Drop course: ECON 305 Marketing

    4. Drop course: ECON 330 Management

    5. New course: ECON/HIST 314 History of Economic Thought 3 credits

    6. Exercise Science and Leisure Studies Option B - Sport and Leisure Management

    7. New Certificate program Digital Design 15 credits

    8. New Course: GEOG 345 History and Geography of Spain and Latin America 3 credits

    9. New Course: HIST 345 -3 Credits - same title and cross listed with GOEG 345

    10. Program Changes: Technology Education BS in Ed

    11. New course: TECH 300 and 300L – 3D Modeling and Design 3 credits

    12. Program change: History BA, BS, BS in Ed

Beth Klingenstein moved, Martin Kelly seconded, to approve changes in courses and programs as presented. Motion carried.

    1. General Education Abilities Requirements - changes made in catalog page resulting from Fall in-service workshop – Question was asked if these were finished after that day and who did the work, because some groups hadn’t finished working on them at the end of that day. Terry Corwin compiled what was done that day, and curriculum did a little work on them too. Levels are not done yet. These have not necessarily been seen by all faculty. The question was raised whether it would be necessary for every faculty member to look at them before final voting takes place since these affect everyone. Possibly, the draft that includes the levels also would be reviewed by all. There is a deadline factor to get it into the catalog. Martin Kelly moved, Lee Kruger seconded, to approve it as it is shown here as long as the full draft that includes levels is shown to all faculty when complete. It is a work in progress and needs some concrete wording in order to be able to work with it. Motion carried.

  1. Business

    1. Staffing trends: Dr. Holleque presented information on staffing trends from 1970 to 2003. She gave us many possible areas for further exploration and invited discussion. We wondered where or what the next step would be with this information.

      1. More discussion was held regarding the v605.3 policy and who would serve as the committee. CASS division thought the faculty component of IIC could serve as the committee. Val asked that we really work on this policy at the January meeting. Senate would need to get the basic idea together, then a smaller group will work on the wording. Please bring the IIC component idea to divisions and bring feedback to next Senate meeting. Read the policy thoroughly in preparation.

    2. Welfare committee – Sick leave draft needs to be read and voted on over 3 meetings. We will ready it at January meeting.

    3. Enrollment – Follow-up from Association. Dan Klein will come to speak to the Association.

    4. Dr. Chaffee and Val would like to meet with us in January regarding fund raising being handled through the Foundation office. Can we have them bring to Association rather than Senate?

    5. Athletic Committee – Haven’t met in 3 years. More recent than 3 years ago our track program was cut. Were they involved in that decision? Does this committee need to exist? What are your thoughts?

Meeting adjourned at 4:18 pm.

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